Daniel Kaluuya refuses to ‘shrink’ himself by working with less successful white actors
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 13
Daniel Kaluuya has reflected on refusing to work with white actors who weren’t on his level (Picture: Getty)

has revealed his reason for turning down campaigns working alongside white stars.

He refused to work with a brand that wanted to team him with white actors who ‘had not achieved as much’ as him in their careers.

The who won an Oscar for in Jesus And The Black Messiah, also declared he wanted to make sure he was ‘representing right’ with his brand choices.

‘I said no to them. I didn’t understand it. If it’s not a (big) yeah, it’s a no,’ he said.

The Black Mirror star added to: ‘They wanted to put me against two white actors that hadn’t achieved as much as me.

‘And I was all, “I wanna be on my own. Because that’s not gonna look good.”

The actor posed for a stylish GQ shoot (Picture: Adrienne Raquel)

‘I’ve done things. I just feel like I have a certain position. It’s not like, “Oh, I’m so cool.” I’m just like, “I don’t like that.”

‘It’s got to be because of what it means, because I want to be out there and make sure I’m representing right.’

He also said that ‘none’s gonna make me feel like that’ and he is determined to not ‘shrink’ himself.

‘My mum didn’t raise me like that. Why do I shrink myself to make people feel comfortable?’, he declared.

‘I want to do some good, cool (stuff.)

‘I want to help people, and I want to bring jobs. I want everyone to grow artistically. I want to do amazing things.

Daniel is proud to have stayed true to himself throughout his career (Picture: Adrienne Raquel)

‘Why would I shrink? Why would I dim?’

Along with his interview, Daniel posed for a stylish GQ photoshoot.

Wearing a super smart brown Givenchy coat, the actor lounged on a leather seat as he gave the camera his best Blue Steel.

Daniel also wore a Gabriela Hearst top and Stoffa beige trousers, finishing the look with Armani shoes and looking as suave as ever.

Meanwhile, as well as and previously being Daniel has been named associate artistic director of The Roundhouse in Camden, London.

His first act in the role was announcing the formation of a new youth theatre company that would create pathways into the industry for actors of all backgrounds.

He also been named associate artistic director of The Roundhouse (Pciture: Gilbert Flores/Golden Globes 2024/Golden Globes 2024 via Getty Images)

He said about his plans: ‘Bro, chest out. Let’s do this.’

While he’s now a household name, Daniel had to work hard to gain a fanbase, recalling a conversation he had with his co-star Allison Williams on the set of horror phenomenon Get Out.

As they spoke candidly about what they wanted from their career, he said she was ‘the first person’ he said aloud to: ‘I want the audience to trust me, and so I’m just not out for no reason.’

Fast forward seven years and that has certainly happened, as he’s proud to have maintained his integrity.