Darryl Yap: Who Is He? Information Known About The Sakristan Director
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Darryl Yap: Who Is He? Information Known About The Sakristan Director

Darryl Yap

Filipino filmmaker and producer Darryl Yap is the author and director of the well-liked TV miniseries Sakristan in the Philippines. The six-minute short film Jowable, which he directed and which became a Facebook sensation in August 2018, is his most well-known work.

The VinCentiments short film gained notoriety for its purported blasphemy and irreverence as well as for its untidy and realistic main character, a lonely lady pleading with God for a boyfriend.

Darryl Yap’s biography and age

On January 7, 1987, Darryl was born; his parents were high school educators. Yap has written about his modest beginnings in the Philippines’ Zambales province in open writings on his Facebook profile.

He revealed that up until a relative urged them to leave, the family had been renting a home in Olongapo City. Thanks to the kindness of an aunt who worked as a seafarer, the family relocated to a quickly built house not far from the previous rented home.

A Filipino director has a Mass Communication degree from Manila’s Centro Escolar University. Later, he enrolled at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University to pursue a degree in public administration.

He was creative since he was young and enjoyed writing plays and novels. Later, Yalp established the SaWakas theater company in Olongapo City, which produced its own plays but rose to fame for its stage rendition of the classic movie Himala.

Yap made short films that garnered praise with the aid of the actors in his theater company. He produced a number of movies, including Bago, Ako Lumipad, Oyayi, and the seven-minute short Squatterina, for which he received the North Luzon Film Festival’s Best Director award.

What does Darryl make? His estimated Net Worth in 2022

Darryl established himself in the film industry at the age of 35. Darryl was inspired by the praise and made the decision to explore directing short films based on the script he had originally written for his theater company.

Over a million people have watched the Sakristan short film trailer on Vin Sentiments’ YouTube channel. The narrative of two guys learning to accept falling in love despite being church workers is told in the short film Darryl wrote and directed.

The majority of his short films are broadcast on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. He makes the majority of his money through advertising. Therefore, based on these presumptions, we may estimate the average based on publicly accessible online data and a combination of social characteristics. His total net worth is roughly $2 million.

Darryl Twitter and Social Media

Darryl is the owner of the Facebook group VinCentiments, which was formerly a repository for play excerpts and is named for the director and editor of the movie, Vincent Asis. He just joined Twitter, and even though he isn’t verified, he already has roughly 2,000 followers.

On April 27, 2017, VinCentiments was established for posting condensed versions of his plays. Currently, the Facebook page is utilized to promote Sawakas’ work and has about 5 million followers.