Dave Bautista urges ‘every f***ing man’ to be ‘louder’ on women’s rights after Roe v Wade
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 01
Dave Bautista has a clear message for men around the world (Picture: EPA/Ettore Ferrari)

has called on ‘every f***ing man’ to speak out on women’s rights after the Supreme Court decision to repeal Roe v Wade.

The Hollywood actor – best known to fans as – has addressed the ruling which has rolled back abortion rights in the United States, and insisted now’s the time for all men to make their voices heard in solidarity against such decisions.

Asked about the importance of men who ‘look like him’ being vocal, he fired back to TMZ Sports: ”I don’t think it has anything to do with men that look like me.

‘I think every f**ing man needs to be louder about the rights of women.’

The 53-year-old star refused to be drawn into whether other actors – such as fellow WWE alum John Cena – should be doing more, but he did offer a more general suggestion on what all men need to be doing.

He added: ”[Men should be] speaking out. Be f***ing loud!’

Dave Bautista is vocal about his beliefs (Picture: Instagram/ davebautista)

The Guardians of the Galaxy and Dune heavyweight has constantly made it clear he isn’t a ‘meathead’, and .

He recently celebrated Pride month with a rainbow t-shirt carrying the slogan ‘Be You’ and paid tribute to his mother Donna Raye, an openly gay woman.

Taking to Instagram, he praised his mum and said she taught him all he needs to know about living ‘loud and proud’.

He wrote: ‘I was always proud of who my mom was because she was always proud of who she was. In your face, f**k you if you don’t like it, unapologetically loud and proud. And her son payed attention. BE LOUD, BE PROUD, BE YOU. #ProudSonOfALesbian #pride #pridemonth #lgbtq #lgbt (sic)’

Meanwhile, Dave’s comments on Roe v Wade come days after WWE Hall of Famer Kane – real name Glenn Jacobs – was heavily criticised by fans and fellow wrestlers for praising the Supreme Court’s decision.

Jacobs – the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee – tweeted: ‘Roe v. Wade has been overturned! This clears the way for states like TN to pass stronger protections for the unborn, and is an answer to a prayer for so many. #RightToLife #Victory’

His comments sparked outrage from many people, and Paige – who is this month – replied: ‘Glenn you were an idol of mine and I sung your praises to anyone I met.

‘But this is the biggest piece of shit take from you ever. Very disappointing that you think controlling women’s bodies and taking away our rights is a “victory”.’