David Schwimmer gently mocks Jennifer Aniston’s saucy shower photo with own soapy snap
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 08, 2022 - 12:35PM
David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston are still best pals, and what better way to show that than with a public roasting? (Picture: Getty/NBC/Instagram)

and are clearly as they can publicly bully each other and find it funny.

There’s nothing like , and Jennifer experienced this first-hand this week when former Friends co-star David mimicked a slightly racy photo she posted to social media.

Beauty , teased a big announcement as she took to Instagram to share a photograph of herself in the shower, her back turned to the camera and her wet hair covered in shampoo.

Tagging her new brand Lolavie in the post, Jennifer wrote: ‘Something’s coming,’ along with a shower emoji.

Many of Jen’s friends and 40 million Instagram followers showered the actress with support – no pun intended – including Friends legend Lisa Kudrow, who sent a celebration emoji.

Ross Geller actor David however showed his support in a different way – by completely taking the mick.

Jennifer posted a slightly saucy snap to promote her new haircare brand… (Picture: Jennifer Aniston / Instagram)
Which David promptly took the mick out of (Picture: David Schwimmer/ Instagram)

Taking to his own Instagram page, the Madagascar star posted a snap of him in the shower, duck-facing the camera while absolutely covered in shampoo, some of which was definitely in his eyes – talk about commitment to the bit.

He tagged Jen in the post and wrote: ‘A towel I hope??’

To which a bewildered Jennifer replied: ‘Shchwm?! Trying to steal my thunder!?’

The Bruce Almighty actress added a heart emoji to the end of her message and later shared David’s post to her stories, making it obvious the former colleagues were joking around.

It looked like Jen enjoyed the mockery as much as the actors’ millions of fans did (Picture: David Schwimmer/ Jennifer Aniston / Instagram)
David and Jennifer have remained close friends since their time on the acclaimed 90s sitcom (Picture: Getty Images)

And fans, naturally, went wild.

There were plenty of Friends quotes in the replies, many racking up thousands of likes as fans of the sitcom had each other in bits with their responses.

‘See? He’s her lobster,’ one person wrote, to the tune of 12,000 likes.

‘MY EYES! MY EYES!’ another joked, while one said the photo reminded them ‘of the false tan episode.’

They weren’t alone, as another wrote simply: ‘Mississippilessly?’

The entire main cast reunited last year for a special anniversary show (Picture: CBS via Getty Images)

David and Jen aren’t the only Friends cast members who are iconic on Instagram: Courteney Cox regularly posts little sketch videos that are.

(Like the time she used a vibrator to.)

Just this week, Courteney responded to a post on Kanye West’s account which declared Friends ‘wasn’t funny,’ where she reading the post with his track Heartless playing.

Looking absolutely stunned and distraught, Courteney then defiantly turned off the song before storming off.

And, spelling Kanye’s name wrong in her caption, she wrote: ‘I bet the old Kayne thought Friends was funny ☹️.’