David Walliams, 51, helps Sir Michael Caine, 90, with walking frame as pair enjoy swanky night out in Mayfair
Posted by  badge Boss on May 16
David Walliams helped his friend Sir Michael Cain out of a building as they enjoyed a night out in Mayfair (Picture: Blitz)

kindly lent a helping hand to actor as the pair enjoyed a swanky night out in .

Sir Michael, , has needed help with walking since undergoing back surgery in 2022 and now moves around with help from a walker.

The star has not let his reduced mobility change his life however – in fact, he’s been, with and dinners and Shakira, 76.

This week the husband and wife headed out to the capital’s swanky Mayfair area, where they met with former judge David, 51.

The Little Britain star was seen giving Sir Michael a hand out of the building as he struggled over steps with his walker, with several others also giving the actor assistance.

Sir Michael and Shakira are close friends with David, with the comedian among those, alongside the likes of Tom Cruise and Denise Welch.

Sir Michael uses a walker since undergoing back surgery but is constantly out and about, from dinners in London to holidays in Barbados (Picture: Blitz)
David, Sir Michael and his wife Shakira enjoyed a night in London’s luxurious Mayfair area (Picture: Blitz)

He was seen gently guiding Sir Michael through the doorway, keeping him balanced with his hand under the crook of his arm, as the star – looking smart in a navy suit and blue shirt – made his way into a waiting vehicle.

Later, David – also looking snazzy in a pinstripe suit – flashed a smile to the camera as he and Shakira waited in the street.

As always, Shakira looked far younger than her 76 years, looking glam in a white blazer and wearing pearl earrings along with subtle makeup.

David grinned for the camera as he and Shakira left the venue (Picture: Blitz)
David is a close friend of the actor and attended his 90th birthday earlier this year along with the likes of Tom Cruise and Denise Welch (Picture: instagram @davidwalliams

Sir Michael had previously used a cane to help with his walking, which he required since 2018 when he suffered a nasty fall and broke his ankle.

However last year saw him switch to a walker after surgery on his back.

Sir Michael has spoken candidly about his health in the past, saying he has a ‘spine problem which affects my legs so I can’t walk very well.’

Shakira later expanded on this, telling the Daily Mail last year that he had spinal stenosis, a condition which narrows the spinal canal and which can result in back and leg pain.

Revealing he had had surgery on his back, she hailed him as a ‘strong man’ who was doing ‘great’ in recovery – and would be ‘up and dancing again soon.’