Deborah Meaden hits back at Steven Bartlett calling Sara Davies the ‘most qualified’ Dragon
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 27
Deborah didn’t let the comment go unnoticed! (Picture: BBC)

swiped back at ’s claim that is the ‘most qualified’ Dragon during tonight’s episode.

The trio joined fellow star Peter Jones and Touker Suleyman to hear the latest batch of pitches from hopeful entrepreneurs.

One creator, David Hawcock, brought forward his product: games with a paper-craft twist.

‘It’s got Sara Davies written all over it,’ Steven commented, before hearing David’s pitch.

The inventor’s pop-up chess-set, as well as ideas for other paper pop-up games, managed to catch the eyes of a few of the Dragons, despite his nerves almost getting in the way of the pitch.

‘It’s really impressive,’ Sara first commented, highlighting that she sees similar creations in her industry, while Peter added: ‘I’m genuinely blown away’, over the ‘exceptional’ design.

Steven was accused of trying to sway the entrepreneur (Picture: BBC Studios)

Peter promptly made the first offer, with Touker following suit, but David still waited for the other Dragons’ offers.

Deborah quickly stepped forward with her offer, before Sara praised David’s ‘fantastic’ skills and business.

With four offers in the bag, Steven was the last to share his thoughts, and when he did, it didn’t seem to please Deborah.

Sara was left ‘heartbroken’ by her offer being rejected (Picture: BBC)

‘I’m going to say that I’m out, but I will say, which will annoy some of my fellow Dragons, I don’t think you should be giving away your profession, I think you have enough in that box as a standalone proposition.’

‘That doesn’t annoy us,’ Peter replied, before telling Steven: ‘I’m not surprised that you’re out, you couldn’t have done anything with this business,’ with Touker nodding in agreement.

Steven continued: ‘I think Sara’s offers great, she’s the most qualified’.

But Deborah quickly hit back: ‘She’s not the most qualified Steven’.

However, Steven didn’t manage to sway David’s decision, as he eventually went for a negotiated offer between Peter and Touker.

‘David, you broke my heart,’ Sara later commented. ‘I was the only person who understood and appreciated your business.’

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