Demi Moore reveals fate of clay pots she made with Patrick Swayze in steamy Ghost scene
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 08
Demi Moore kept hold of some iconic props from Ghost (Picture: Paramount)

Demi Moore has given us all the feels after confessing that she kept hold of some very special props from the set of Ghost.

The 61-year-old starred as Molly Jensen in the iconic 1990 flick, alongside Patrick Swayze, Whoopi Goldberg and Tony Goldwyn – .

It followed who is Ki**ed in a mugging but his spirit stays behind to warn his partner (Moore) that she is in danger – with the help of unwitting psychic Oda Mae Brown (Goldberg).

During an appearance on the show to promote her new series, Feud, Moore took a walk down memory lane to spill the beans on some of her impressive back catalog of movies.

Recalling her first meeting with her co-star, who died in 2009, she told the host: ‘The first thing that just popped into my head was meeting Patrick Swayze for the first time. [I was] trying to figure out his thing.

‘And then he took his shirt off, and I was like, “Oh, got it. Get on behind me.”’

This scene has gone down in movie history (Picture: Paramount)
We dare you not to hear Unchained Melody when looking at this picture (Picture: Paramount)

The scene in question has gone down in film history as – with Swayze’s Sam Wheat getting very steamy with his on-screen partner while on a pottery wheel.

If that wasn’t romantic enough, Unchained Melody happened to be playing in the background, with the track still making viewers feel a certain type of way to this very day.

Shedding light on the scene in question, Moore revealed that she actually still has the pots they attempted to make on camera before their attention was turned elsewhere.

‘The claymation… I still have my little pots that I made, which are pitiful,’ she continued. They’re like the saddest looking things.’

Personally, we would have also nabbed the entire pottery wheel – and the record player, too, while we were at it…

Demi nabbed the pots from the set after filming (Picture: Paramount)
The iconic film came out in 1990 (Picture: Paramount)

Although Swayze and Moore starred in the lead roles, it was Goldberg who stole the show in the 90s movie, and ended up walking away with the Oscar for best supporting actress.

However, noted casting director Janet Hirshenson previously told that this almost wasn’t the case – as both Swayze and Goldberg originally weren’t in the mix for the roles.

Speaking about how the Oscar-winner went on to be cast, Hirshenson explained that her audition actually took place in an airport.

Whoopi Goldberg won an Oscar for her efforts (Picture: Paramount)

‘Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t set and Patrick loved the idea also,’ she shared. ‘Jerry [Zucker, director] and Patrick ended up going to Atlanta, where she was shooting a movie, and they met in the airport so Patrick could read with Whoopi.

‘The two of them became very, very close friends. They had such great chemistry, I thought.

‘Who else could have played her but Whoopi Goldberg?!’

And the rest, as they say, is history.