Doctor Who star ‘betrayed’ by A-list actress who accused him of ‘copping a feel’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 21
Christoper Eccleston reveals shocking accusation by A-list actress (Picture: Getty Images)

Christoper Eccleston has claimed an ‘A-list actress’ once accused him of touching her inappropriately on set.

The former star, 59, is currently starring in the eerie thriller season 4, opposite his ‘childhood crush’ Jodie Foster which was

Together they play two ‘friends with benefits’, so to speak, but Christopher praised the True Detective intimacy coordinator for helping him feel protected during sex scenes, unlike in a previous job.

‘I did a sex scene with an A-list actress – not Nicole Kidman, who was brilliant – and she implied, in front of the crew, that I was copping a feel. Because she didn’t like me,’ he told

The actor admitted he was thankful the incident happened before the Harvey Weinstein ‘stuff came to light’ as the accusation alone could have been at the very least career ending.

‘I’ve never felt more betrayed by a fellow actor than I did that day,’ he said, stressing: ‘I have to say to you that I would sooner have put my hands in a food blender than copped a feel of that person.

Christopher stars opposite Jodie Foster in True Detective: Night Country(Picture: AP)
True Detective’s return is being hailed as the ‘best series’ of the franchise yet (Picture: AP)

‘It was an abuse of power, what she did. I don’t think that would have happened with an intimacy coordinator on set.

‘I could have been accused of all manner of things… that’s about what passes between actors, with trust and the abuse of it.’

True Detective’s fourth chapter, Night Country, also stars Fiona Shaw and Kalis Reis in the franchise’s first female lead series.

Already after one episode, people are calling it the ‘best’ season since the first, which follows Chief Liz Danvers (Josie Foster) and Trooper Evangeline Navarro investigating the death of scientists found frozen to death, n**ed.n**ed and clearly terrified by the last thing they saw.

True Detective: Night Country is available to stream on NOW.