Does Justine Schofield have a child? The due date for the pregnancy of Australian author Brent and her partner has been revealed.
Posted by  badge Boss on Jun 30

Does Justine Schofield have a child? The due date for the pregnancy of Australian author Brent and her partner has been revealed.

Since she and her fiancé are soon expecting their first child, Masterchef contestant Justine Schofield has been making frequent appearances while sporting a big baby bump.

Because they want to see how the belly looks, how they dress, how glowing their faces are, and how they handle the challenging pregnancy period, everyone is naturally interested in celebrity pregnancy news. The pregnancy status and delivery date of celebrity chef Justine Schofield will be disclosed in this article.

Justine Schofield

When Is Justine Schofield Due? Her Pregnancy Is Progressing Rapidly

Justin Schofield’s baby bulge is currently due to give birth shortly after she announced her pregnancy seven weeks ago with her famous boyfriend Brent Staker on her Instagram.

Compared to her Instagram images, the bump seems to be larger. In the picture, Justine can be seen posing while holding her growing belly while wearing pink outfits with flowery designs.

Although the precise day of her delivery is still a mystery, it seems like she is roughly 35 weeks along. After about four weeks, she might be giving birth to the child, based on our assumptions.

Because the couple is so anxious to meet their new baby, we also hope that she gives birth in a healthy way and without incident.

Brent, Justin Schofield’s boyfriend, and their unborn kid.

Everyone is well aware of the couple’s pregnancy, and the baby’s father, Brent, appears incredibly eager to meet his child.

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Speaking of his career, Brent played in West Broken Hill’s losing grand final team in 2000 when he made his A Grade debut at the age of 16 for the club.

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