Donald Trump and Joe Biden have tough competition in 2024 election as Matty Healy announces ‘presidential campaign’
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 23

In events no one saw coming, has, erm, dropped a presidential campaign?

The 1975 frontman, 33, left fans scratching their heads when he released what appeared to be a campaign video, endorsing his bid for in 2024.

Giving current leader and former President (who plans to run again) a run for their money, the whole thing was very professional, as Matty was filmed greeting ‘voters’ and looking smart in a suit.

Thankfully, it was just a spoof and a way of promoting However, it was very believable…

Matty’s video also seemed to be a reference to his which saw him called out for offensive comments and

The fake campaign video opens with a shot of Matty helping out in a soup kitchen, as well as clips of key workers, community groups, and families.

Matty Healy dropped a very odd presidential campaign video on Instagram (Picture: Instagram/TrumanBlack)
Fans were baffled at first, as the whole thing looked very real (Picture: Instagram/TrumanBlack)
Matty was filmed helping out in soup kitchens and chatting to key workers (Picture: Instagram/TrumanBlack)

He also includes clips of same-sex couples and American citizens from all races and backgrounds, after coming under fire for his own remarks.

‘Here in the heart of America, we know that redemption is more than just a word. It’s a promise we make to ourselves and each other,’ he says in a voiceover.

‘Our nation’s story is one of second chances, of forging a path forward, even in the face of mistakes.

‘It’s about rebuilding what’s broken, healing what’s wounded, and coming together to create something stronger than before.

‘But redemption isn’t just an abstract idea. It’s something we see every day in our communities.’

His voiceover seemed to reference his recent Scan**ls (Picture: Instagram/TrumanBlack)
Matty included clips of his fans as he revealed the vid was actually promotion for his tour (Picture: Instagram/TrumanBlack)
Erm, Matty Healy for The White House, anyone? (Picture: Instagram/TrumanBlack)

Matty continues: ‘It’s the single parent working two jobs to provide for their children, the veteran who finds purpose in serving others, and the neighbour who lends a hand when times are tough.

‘As a nation, we must embrace redemption in our policies and our actions.

‘We must reform a criminal justice system to focus on rehabilitation, not just punishment.

‘We must ensure that every American has access to quality education and affordable healthcare so that opportunities for redemption are within reach for everyone, instead of the few.’

In a very on-the-nose comment, the controversial musician went on: ‘Together, we can build a future where no one is defined by their past, where everyone has the chance to contribute, and where compassion paves the way for progress.’

Concluding, and finally revealing the truth, the Chocolate hitmaker finished: ‘I believe in an America where redemption is more than a distant dream, it’s a reality that we create every day, hand in hand. J

Needless to say, this 1975 frontman has had enough Scan**ls to make him President material (Picture: Instagram/TrumanBlack)

‘Join us in this journey towards a better tomorrow.

‘We can write a new chapter in America’s history, together, here on the Still At Their Very Best tour.’

In his caption, Matty directed his followers to the link in his bio where they could buy tickets.

Naturally, fans in the comments went wild over the big-budget promo vid.

‘In his political campaign era’, joked one fan.

‘Make The 1975 political again’, wrote another.

‘Matty for president 2024’, one fan declared.

The 1975 will take their Still At Their Very Best shows to the US (Picture: Scott Garfitt/Invision/AP, File)

Another commented: ‘What is Matty Healy going to do as president to fix the daily challenges of being a 1975 fan?’

Not everyone was so on board, though.

‘i would want you immediately impeached’, one person commented.

Matty recently found himself in hot water when in Malaysia, where homosexuality is illegal, resulting in the festival being cancelled.

He’s also been called out for degrading comments slammed for amid previous dating rumours, and called out by record label pal