Elden Ring update teases two DLC maps and ray-tracing
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 14, 2022 - 12:46PM
Elden Ring – more is to come (pic: Bandai Namco)

The new 1.07 patch for has a major shake-up for PvP battles, as well as the first hints at adding ray-tracing.

The level of ’s success, given how obscure and difficult it can be, is almost unbelievable. It’s now amongst the of all time in the US and yet the only thing stranger than its unexpected (but ) popularity is that there’s not been a word about any kind of DLC.

All previous FromSoftware games have had major DLC released for them, all of which has been very good, and yet there’s not been a word about Elden Ring. That suggests that the game’s unexpected level of success may have led to a change in plans but the new 1.07 patch does have the first hints at what may be to come, with references to two new maps.

There’s no way to tell how big the maps are, so they could be anything from small legacy dungeons to major new open world areas, but they’re definitely something new.

The new maps do seem to be just the tip of the iceberg, with the update also including references to hairstyle models that aren’t in the game yet and what seem to be preparations for new screen tips, that will be added once the DLC is released.

It’s not clear whether it’s connected to paid-for DLC or not but there’s also numerous references to ray-tracing in the update, which the base game does not have, and hacker Lance McDonald has already managed to switch it on – although it doesn’t work properly with the code as it is at the moment.

In terms of what the update is officially about, it’s mostly focused on PvP multiplayer and adds separate damage scaling, something that fans have been requesting for a long while now.

That means that the game readjusts itself when you’re fighting against another player, compared to in single-player and co-op, and should make online fights last longer.

A number of weapons, spells, incantations, and skills have been increased or decreased in power, in a major rebalancing, with Colossal class weapons in particular getting a major boost and almost all armour having a poise increase.

The detail everything, but of course they say nothing about any future DLC or when it might be announced…

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