Eurovision commentator reveals the one act she missed to squeeze in toilet break
Posted by  badge Boss on May 11, 2023 - 09:03PM
Australian Eurovision commentator Myf Warhurst has revealed she wasn’t a fan of Madonna’s 2019 performance (Picture: Getty)

Australian commentator Myf Warhurst has revealed that she walked out on ’s set during in 2019 to squeeze in a toilet break.

The radio announcer and TV personality is best known for her role on quiz show Spicks and Specks hosted by and for voicing characters in , but has also been co-hosting her home country’s Eurovision coverage since 2017.

Back in Liverpool this week again, she’s given an interview spilling some secrets on .

When asked by host Jan Fran about something fans of the contest might not know about the job, she didn’t disappoint with her answer.

‘Nothing shocks me after a couple of years doing Eurovision because ,’ she began.

‘It is so bonkers you can’t be shocked by anything but what has always amazed me is the half-time acts.

Madonna’s performance in Israel didn’t go down too well (Picture: Michael Campanella/Getty Images)

‘Like the year we had Madonna. She is American and she doesn’t really get the importance of Eurovision and she turned up, and I love and adore Madonna don’t get me wrong, but I think it was just something she thought she could do and it would be amazing publicity.’

However Myf, 49, said she didn’t believe the singer truly understood the scale of the show.

‘I don’t think she realised the gravity of it and she did this show and to be honest it wasn’t as great as I wanted it to be because I adore Madonna and I love who she is and her unapologetic self,’ she shared.

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She added: ‘Funnily enough you can’t go to the toilet during a broadcast usually because we are five storeys up in scaffolding essentially and you have to climb down it all and there is never a toilet close by .’

‘But I will tell you…Madonna’s set was not very good so that was the first time I’ve ever done a wee during the Eurovision broadcast.

‘I thought “nope, I am climbing down the scaffolding during this, I am going to go”.’

Myf hosts the Australian Eurovision coverage alongside comedian Joel Creasey (Picture: Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

The pop icon, 64, was invited to perform at the contest when being held in Tel Aviv, Israel four years ago.

While she took to the stage with a medley of her greatest hits, many , with some even branding the off-key singing as ‘a car crash’ and ‘as flat as a pancake’.

The second Eurovision semi-final airs on Thursday at 8pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.