F-Zero isn’t dead – Nintendo insider hints at upcoming announcement
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 20
It’s a mobile gacha game, isn’t it? (pic: Nintendo)

A proven source of news has implied something F-Zero related is in the works but it may not be a new game.

Out of all of Nintendo’s dormant franchises, F-Zero’s fans seem to be among the loudest and most persistent. They’ve been begging for a new entry for nearly 20 years now; one fan even just to directly ask the company about it.

at the time was typically wishy-washy and didn’t indicate if something F-Zero related was in development or not.

Now, it’s been suggested that Nintendo is doing something with the series, but it may not be precisely what fans want or expect.

Rumours of a new F-Zero would normally seem more like wishful thinking, but the source for this one has a track record of accurately leaking Nintendo announcements in the past.

They claimed would be getting DLC the day before the and that Bayonetta 3’s release date was October 28 a couple weeks before .

They even correctly stated that Nintendo’s June showcase would be all about third party games, including for Nintendo Switch.

The leaker, known as on Twitter, was recently asked in an interview with YouTube channel SwitchForce for a cryptic hint of what’s next for Nintendo.

They only provided a string of numbers in binary, but another Twitter user, , deduced that it stood for the letters ‘YGBP’ and thus a reference to ‘You got boost power,’ a phrase said by the announcer in a couple of the F-Zero games.

Syluxhunter confirmed that this was indeed the case but when Bozo the Chozo said they had been waiting for a new F-Zero game since 2003’s F-Zero GX, the insider added ‘Maybe manage your expectations a little.’

This may suggest that Nintendo isn’t releasing a brand new F-Zero, although fans have admitted that they’d be happy with a remaster of F-Zero GX at this point.

Nintendo did add to its Switch Online service earlier this year, so perhaps it plans to do the same with F-Zero GX. That would also mean Nintendo will finally start adding GameCube games, which would be great news for more than just F-Zero fans.

Another possibility is that Nintendo plans on adding more F-Zero themed racetracks to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the . The game already boasts two F-Zero tracks and is speculated to be revealed in the near future.

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