Fatboy Slim forced to close his café after it’s targeted by vandals caught on CCTV
Posted by  badge Boss on 3 weeks ago
Fatboy Slim’s business has been targeted by a gang of vandals (Picture: Don Arnold/WireImage)

’s café has been trashed after vandals targeted the DJ’s business in the middle of the night.

The musician’s Hove-based beachfront business was ransacked by youngsters two nights ago (Thursday, May 30), meaning he could not open the following morning.

CCTV footage of the incident shows the youths picking up paving slabs and launching them at the café’s shutters.

Further photographs capture the extent of the damage, including broken windows, damaged metal window protectors, and misshapen shutters.

Shards of glass can also be seen scattered across the kitchen.

According to , the gang caused thousands of pounds of damage to The Big Beach Café.

CCTV footage caught one youth launching a paving stone (Picture: Big Beach Café)
Owners branded them ‘vile hooligans’ (Picture: Big Beach Café)

Taking to Instagram, the business shared CCTV stills with an angry caption.

‘Sorry we are unable to open our kitchen this morning as these 3 vile hooligans have caused ££££ of damage to our community business! 😢’, they wrote on Friday.

They added: ‘Please share and get in touch with their details so we can prosecute them and make them pay for their actions 🤬🤬🤬’

In the comments, fans expressed their sympathy and wished the owners good luck in ‘getting everything sorted’.

DJ Slim, 60 – – bought the café in 2013 from model and animal rights activist, Heather Mills.

Before he took over, the ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney ran the business as a vegan café called V Bites for four years.

One of the vandals looked up at the camera (Picture: Big Beach Café)
The extent of the damage was revealed the following morning (Picture: Big Beach Café)

Following its launch, Slim hosted his 50th birthday bash at the café.

This isn’t the only pie Slim has his finger in, as he is also a 12% shareholder of Brighton & Hove Albion, the football club he has supported in the late 1980s.

He’s always spoken openly about his grand ideas, having revealed in April 2017, that he had plans to turn a block of old toilets into a ‘community beach hub’ hipster café.

It was reported then that he believed the abandoned block in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, had plenty of ‘potential’.

Soon enough, a deal was agreed in principle with a team including the people behind the Boxpark in Shoreditch and Croydon, plus Slim’s Big Beach Café at Hove Lagoon.

The café was unable to open the next morning (Picture: Big Beach Café)
Shards of glass were scattered about from the broken windows (Picture: Big Beach Café)

Councillor Brian Boggis said: ‘I am very pleased to see such exciting plans for this key site.

‘We’ve been clear that we wanted something exceptional for Shoreham Beach Green and I believe that this proposal will enhance facilities for the local community and the thousands of visitors who come to Shoreham Beach each year.’

Slim juggles his business ventures alongside his music career, which is still going strong.

In June 2023, he played a set at Glastonbury Festival, where he performed the tune Insomnia in tribute to the late Faithless member, Maxi Jazz.

More recently, Slim performed to thousands on Brighton Beach.

He had a lucky escape, however, as the star

Following the January incident, it emerged that Giles Dalby, 39, had mixed up the controls of his drone while attempting to film a music video of the gig.

Slim bought the café in 2013 (Picture: Getty)
The building was previously owned by Heather Mills (Picture: Big Beach Café)

With the device in sport mode, Dalby found it more difficult to steer clear of obstacles, but a court heard that he ‘ignored multiple warnings’.

Dalby, also from Brighton, was fined £576 and ordered to pay a £230 victim surcharge, plus costs of £85.

Reps for Fatboy Slim have been contacted for comment.