Gorillaz frontman Murdoc Niccals spills secret green room snack list and claims he’s a better bass player than Mozart
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 21, 2022 - 08:59PM
Gorillaz gear up to host a live masterclass with Smirnoff

Virtual sensation ’s frontman Murdoc Niccals has let slip the band’s green room must-haves as well as his dream dead drinking buddy.

When it comes to tour riders, the sky’s the limit and were intent on testing just how far things could be pushed at each venue.

Revealing the method to the madness, Murdoc offered fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the backstage snack selection process during tour.

Performing their music to global audiences has played a large part in how the four-piece band, which includes members 2-D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel Hobbs, like to mirror the culture of their show in the dressing room.

Speaking to about how they like to shake things up, Murdoc said of the extravagant rider: ‘Changes from one show to the next, cos I like to keep the menu seasonal and local while roaming the land.

‘Foraged truffles, organic herbs, line-caught seafood if we’re by the coast, etcetera.

The cartoon Gorillaz band members were created by Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn (Picture: PA)

‘Russ requires a family-size box of Twinkies, each one individually unwrapped and tied with a pink ribbon.

‘Noodle has to have a pot of green tea brewed only with water obtained from the dew on flower petals.

‘2D has a sausage roll. As pop stars go, bog standard stuff really.’

Alongside the extensive list of demands, the Feel Good Inc hitmakers are known to regularly request a bottle of Smirnoff’s world-famous No. 21 vodka – so much so they’ve teamed up with the drink for a live mixology masterclass video.

Chatting about cocktails, Murdoc spilled the beans on who he’d be calling to share a martini with, dead or alive.

The lead singer didn’t hesitate in his answer: ‘I’d have to say Mozart.

‘The OG legend, loved his Messiah remix.

‘As his modern-day incarnation I’ve always felt a strong kinship to Wolfgang, though of course I’m a much better bass player than he was!

‘But yeah, couple of drinks, bit of bantz, then a sing-song around the ol’ harpsichord.’

That settled, Murdoc wanted to offer fans the chance to share a drink with him albeit virtually.

The band are launching a partnership with Smirnoff that offers fans the chance to watch their frontman live (Picture: TNS)
Damon Albarn is one half of the founding Gorillaz team (Picture: Steve Jennings/Getty Images)

The masterclass is set to go live on November 24 at 6 pm GMT and is strictly for over 18s only.

Serving up some words of wisdom ahead of the real deal, the Dirty Harry singer explained: ‘It’s all about finding that perfect mix, isn’t it?

‘In this case, matching Smirnoff’s cocktail history with my – our – creative genius.’

When asked where he suggests people should venture to enjoy their cocktails following the class, the performer joked: ‘In a glass, is your best bet.

‘I’ll also accept in a coconut, Viking helmet, or human skull.’

The ever-charismatic Murdoc will go live on air to walk fans through his cocktail creation, before hosting a Q&A allowing those in attendance to pick his brain on all things liquor and life-stories.