Grace Africa’s meet-and-greet video goes viral after no one shows up for a social event for the TikTok star, who has 1.3 million followers.
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 04

Grace Africa’s meet-and-greet video goes viral after no one shows up for a social event for the TikTok star, who has 1.3 million followers.

Grace Africa

Grace Africa, a prominent TikTok user from Nigeria, recently publicly admitted on social media that nobody showed up to her meet and greet event. The social media influencer has a sizable online fan base. Nobody did, however, take advantage of the chance to meet their hero. Several of her supporters posted messages of support on social media.

Grace Africa is a confirmed TikTok star thanks to her more than 1.3 million followers on the video-sharing website. She recently participated in the meet and greet portion of VidCon, denying her followers the chance to meet their favourite. Although Grace has a sizable online fan base, it appears that nobody attended the social event.

The TikToker published a video of herself standing in line for the event. Internet users could see that her area of the arena was empty, but the area next to her was crowded with spectators. Under the user handle @grace africa, she posted a video to her official TikTok account in which she wrote:

The TikToker was also seen in the video wearing some wristbands that appeared to be custom-made for her followers. Additionally, additional social media sites republished the video. One online user noted:

“She posted this in a very bold manner. Despite having 1.3 million TikTok followers, nobody attended her meet & greet.

The event turnout did not deter Grace Africa.
Many people would have anticipated that the influencer would be in tears after the event’s outcome. That wasn’t the case, though. Grace Africa was seen contacting her mother in another video that was shared online to explain why no one showed up for the meet and greet. Her mother expressed her profound amazement and questioned whether they knew Grace was a participant in the VidCon event.

Grace Africa was heard telling her mother she wanted to cry as she hung up the phone. That wasn’t the case, though. Later, she was heard saying in a clip:

“Guys, I stopped crying! LOL I went to the hotel to read my book.
Netizens wanted to cheer up the Tiktoker after everything that had happened. A few online comments stated the following:

“Please tell me a couple people came. I feel like this will happen to me as well.” -mitsy/TikTok

American YouTuber Daniel Thrasher urged the influencer to continue working toward her objective. He stated:

I’VE BEEN THERE. But this year, I absolutely freaked out a huge crowd by opening VidCon. Everything is changing swiftly; keep going.
User Pia on TikTok stated:

“Girl, I’m so sorry. The line would have been out the door if it was in Atlanta, New York, or any other place with a bigger black population!”
Shalom Blac, a different social media user, said:

Houston, Texas-native Grace Africa, a nurse and social media personality, is 26 years old. She became well-known after sharing humorous information on social media about Africa.