Kimberly Sustad Wikipedia Bio & Age – How Old Is The Actress?
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Kimberly Sustad is an actress, and she is part of the North to Home cast. In 2009, she posed as someone else in the entertainment world.

Sustad is a well-known performer who has been in movies and TV shows like Travelers, Unspeakable, The Twilight Zone, and The Nine Lives of Christain. The artist has moved up in the movie business since she played Kimberly Sustad in the short film Live Henry Live.

In the entertainment business, Sustad started a new phase in 2020 when he made a short TV movie called “Christmas by Starlight.” She has written something and earned one credit for it.

Kimberly Sustad

Who Is Kimberly Sustad?

Sustad is an actress and writer, and her role in the movie North to Home is one of her most famous roles. She got the second most important part in the play. As sisters, the actress has worked with Lyndsy Fonseca and Erica Durance.

Also, Beth and her two other adopted brothers and sisters went to a family reunion, which was hard at the time. Ali Liebert was in charge of putting on the play, and Sarah Morgan and Steven Sessions wrote the script.

Before that, she played Dr. Marilee White in The Nine Kittens of Christmas, Paparozzo in Spotlight on Christmas, and Annie Park in Christmas by Starlight. Sustad has been in two different episodes of the TV show Supernatural. She has worked on the movies Inherit the Earth and Adventures in Babysitting.

In 2020, Ststad worked on five shows, including “Wedding Every Weekend” and “You Me Her.” On her social page, the actress talked about playing Brooke Etheridge. She sent a picture to one of her co-stars.

Kimberly Sustad Age And Biography On Wikipedia

Sustad age will come soon. When it came to where and when she was born, the actress kept quiet. But she was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, by parents who were always there for her. She was found to be 1.78m tall. Sustad is a smart person who has made a name for herself in a number of movies.

Sustad also started her work life 13 years ago. She made her first appearance in the short film. Two years later, she played Nikki in the TV movie Thunderballs. Later, she played Charlotte in the episode “Clearance Montgomery” of the TV show Alcatraz.

Wikipedia’s official page does not have a biography of Sustad. IMDb, on the other hand, has written about the actress’s work in movies. So, you can find information about the artist on other websites and on her social page.

Meet Kimberly Sustad Husband On Instagram

Sustad married Sustad, who is from Scotland. After being together for a long time, they got married in 2004. Scot might be an entrepreneur and the CEO of the Vancouver company The Arrival Store. He runs a business and builds things in Canada.

In college, they fell in love and started going out together. Scot has put a lot of photos of his family on social media sites. In May 2017, the actress told everyone she was expecting. She said on her Instagram that she will have twins next year.

Sustad was given twin daughters on June 14, 2017. Their names are Vienna and Ari Sustad. By looking at Sustad’s profile, it seems like she uses her social page less. The actress’ Instagram account is @kimberleysustad, and she has 61.2k followers.