‘Greedy’ I’m A Celebrity star Matt Hancock caught red-handed ‘trying to sneak off’ with extra food
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 20, 2022 - 03:15AM
‘What is going on?!’ Owen Warner said after spotting the incident (Picture: ITV1)

was caught apparently trying to sneak extra food onto his plate during dinner on … and fans were horrified by his actions.

On tonight’s episode, the campmates were treated to a gourmet meal of wallaby hind after winning a full house of stars during the grimy challenge of the day.

When they were handing out portions, appeared to be missing part of hers, as she asked head chef Hancock: ‘Have you already given me a bone?’

When it was pointed out that the former health secretary had two bones on his plate, Scarlette was given her fair share – while an astonished expressed his bafflement over the situation in the Bush Telegraph by exclaiming: ‘Trying to sneak off with two bones, and not give Jill and Scarlette one. What is going on?!’

Just the other day, the politician annoyed Hollyoaks star Owen by , despite being granted the honour of eating a massive barbecue feast earlier on.

Just like the actor, several viewers were similarly aghast by the notion of Hancock trying to take extra food for himself yet again.

Hancock is now in charge of the cooking (Picture: ITV1)
Owen wasn’t having it (Picture: ITV1)

‘Matt Hancock is being greedy again,’ one person tweeted, while another wrote: ‘The cheek of Matt, nicking two bones while Owen is starving.’

‘First he wanted their leftover food after having a bbq, then he grabs extra bones. Greedy, selfish,’ someone else stated, while one individual remarked that Hancock was ‘showing his true self right enough’ by ‘trying to hoover food off other folks’ plates to feed himself’.

Earlier on in the episode, Owen shaded the MP following yesterday’s incident, when with his hand, much to his campmates’ disgust.

Following Charlene White’s departure from the jungle, and Mike Tindall being named the new camp leader, Hancock was given new duties to take care of, including the cooking.

‘Wash your hands after,’ Owen joked to Mike about doing the cooking, as the other celebrities joined in his laughter.

I’m A Celebrity returns tomorrow at 9pm on ITV1.