Have I Got News For You sees Labour MP Jess Phillips accurately predict Liz Truss sacking Kwasi Kwarteng
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 14, 2022 - 11:02PM
Phillips called it correctly (Picture: Hat Trick Productions)

An upcoming episode of Have I Got News For You sees Labour MP Jess Phillips’ bang-on prediction that will sack .

The satirical current affairs programme was filmed the night before the prime minister decided to give Kwarteng the boot after just over a month as chancellor.

The decision makes  the second shortest-serving chancellor in UK history after Iain Macleod, who died in office in 1970 after being in charge of the Treasury for 30 days.

After sacking the 47-year-old, Truss made over her government’s economic policy, which has been deemed so disastrous it has seen the pound plummet on multiple occasions.

Prior to the dramatic events, which have sparked even more speculation Truss’ days in charge are numbered, Phillips filmed HIGNFY.

The politician was joined by Richard Osman and team captains Ian Hislop and Paul Merton, while actor and presenter Adil Ray guest hosted the episode which was filmed on Thursday but will air on Friday.

Having been asked to test her mic, Phillips said: ‘Hello everybody. I’m looking forward to this being completely out of date and the chancellor having resigned by the time this airs.’

Phillips made the prediction on HIGNFY (Picture: Hat Trick Productions )

‘Typical Labour… such low expectations!” replied a laughing Ian, ‘The prime minister will resign…’

Naturally, that wasn’t the only talk of the last few days of cabinet upheaval on the long-running BBC programme.’

Truss u-turned on the mini budget (Picture: PA)

On Truss’ leadership, Ian said: ‘It’s not going very well, she’s had another very, very bad week, and the economy has tanked. A lot of people – I mean, obviously not me – have said it’s because her and her chancellor are useless. In fact, it’s the fault of a number of other people. It’s the OBR, the IRA.;

Joking, Richard jumped in: ‘ELO. I’m gonna have to stick up for her. She said she would get things done quickly. If she can tank the economy in seven days, think what she can do in two years. There’s so many cliffhangers, it’s moving so quickly.’

Kwarteng lasted less than 40 days as chancellor (Picture: PA)

‘You could turn it into a murder mystery, Richard?’ said Adil, referring to Richard’s smash-hit crime novels including The Thursday Murder Club. 

‘Oh no, there’s no money in it,’ Richard replied.  

Have I Got News For You continues on BBC One tonight at 9.00pm.