Heidi Klum pulls out all stops to reclaim Queen of Halloween title as she prepares for annual costume party
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 31, 2022 - 05:00PM
Heidi Klum is back to hosting her annual Halloween party and her preparations are already underway (Picture: @heidiklum/Getty)

 has reminded us that even supermodels have to get in the prep for a big night out, as she started

, the 49-year-old’s annual spooktacular event is finally back and she’s documenting the whole journey for her 10million followers on Instagram. 

The  judge shared her first step to creating her look is a spray tan, which she confirmed with an almost n**ed.n**ed mirror selfie on her Instagram stories. 

Heidi, who has been anointed the Queen of Halloween, stripped down to just a tiny black thong for the beauty treatment.

The model also pulled her underwear down to showcase her fresh new tan line, captioning the revealing photo: ‘Halloween Prep 1st step!! Tanning with @jimmyjimmycoco.’

She later posted a video as she panned over a selection of different paints, including a few yellow pots, pinks and oranges – and panned across a deep blue that was being mixed up, leaving us with even more question marks over what she could take on.

Heidi shared a nearly n**ed.n**ed snap to Instagram to showcase the first step of her preparation, a fake tan (Picture: Instagram)

It is not yet known what costume the star will wear this year, but she loves to surprise fans with everything from iconic children’s movie characters to pop culture tributes. 

However, she teased to Metro.co.uk last month that she could be very claustrophobic by the end of the night.

‘I’m going to be really claustrophobic in my outfit,’ she confessed on the red carpet for the Fashion Media Awards in New York. ‘Really claustrophobic.’

In the past, Heidi has transformed herself into Jessica Rabbit, the wolf from the Michael Jackson music video, an alien, an old woman and even Princess Fiona from Shrek, as her husband, Tom Kaultiz dressed as the ogre. 

Heidi is renowned for her infamous Halloween party and her staggering costumes including Jo Jo Rabbit in 2015 (Picture: Andrew Toth/WireImage)
In the past, Heidi’s costumes have been truly horrifying for the spooktacular event including this entry in 2011 at her 12th Halloween party (Picture: Michael Tran/FilmMagic)
We still have nightmares about this 2019 look, yes that is Heidi (Picture: Taylor Hill/Getty Images)

Heidi never misses, but she might have some competition for her crown this year, after  of shapeshifter, Mystique. 

star accidentally sported the extremely detailed and accurate comic book costume to a 50th birthday party over the weekend, after she assumed it would have a Halloween theme. 

Thankfully, she wasn’t the only one to wear a costume as her two pals, Olivia Pierson, 33, and Natalie Halcro, 34, dressed as Marvel characters too, Magik and Selene respectively.

Diddy also dressed up as Heath Ledger’s the Joker from The Dark Knight movie, while elsewhere Kendall Jenner sported a Jessie costume from Toy Story.

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