I’m A Celebrity stars Owen Warner and Seann Walsh praised for ‘refreshing’ talk about men’s mental health: ‘We need more of this’
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 20
Owen said he’d recommend therapy to all of his friends (Picture: ITV1)

and have received high praise for their frank chat about men’s mental health on , with the pair commended for helping to ‘normalise’ the conversation.

On Saturday night’s episode of the ITV1 programme, the Hollyoaks actor and the comedian were having a wash after a particularly grimy challenge when the subject of mental health arose.

‘Owen are you finding this difficult?’ Seann, 36, asked at the beginning of their talk, before explaining he was referring to their ‘jungle adventure’.

‘I was, but now not so much. Why? Are you struggling?’ the 23-year-old responded.

‘For me, there’s quite a lot of anxiety in the day. If I don’t know what’s coming, I do not like it. I get really panicked. That’s why I pay a woman a weekly fee to help me with,’ Seann said.

Owen agreed with Seann over the benefits of doing therapy, adding: ‘I’d say to any of my mates, I fully recommend it.

‘Even if you think you’re sound. It’s so so good to sit with someone, vent. Really helps you sort your head out and figure out what’s going on with your life.’

While speaking on his own in the Bush Telegraph, Owen explained that being in the jungle had taught him to ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’, because other people in camp will likely be sharing the same feelings.

‘I usually keep my feelings close to my chest, but if you talk about them, someone can relate to you,’ the actor said.

Seann recalled his ‘horrific’ time when he was on Strictly (Picture: ITV1)
Seann spoke highly of Owen, saying he was ‘such a wise young man’ (Picture: ITV1)

Referring to the Scan**l he had on Strictly Come Dancing, when he kissed his married partner Katya Jones while also in a relationship, Seann added: ‘Look, I just had such a horrific experience the last time I did something like this. And then coming back, this is absolutely wonderful.’

The comic commended Owen on being ‘such a wise young man’, as well as being ‘really articulate’ and ‘emotionally incredible’.

Several viewers felt the same way, with one tweeting: ‘Feels so good to see someone so young like Owen talking about male mental health.’

‘Hearing these guys talk about mental health and therapy is sooo refreshing and such a great thing to see! We need more of this. Normalise it!’ someone else said, while another wrote: ‘Lovely conversation between Seann and Owen. Makes me so happy to see they’re talking so highly of therapy and talking about mental health so honestly.’

Tonight’s episode of I’m A Celebrity followed the moment Charlene White became the first contestant to be eliminated from the jungle.

Meanwhile, the remaining stars managed to win a full house of stars for dinner, meaning they were granted a large meal – but they did miss out on an additional Dingo Dollars treat.

I’m A Celebrity returns tomorrow at 9pm on ITV1.