I’m A Celebrity’s Mike Tindall cringes after getting Queen-related question wrong during grim trial
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 26, 2022 - 12:48AM
Not his brightest moment (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

He may have married into the , but ’s knowledge on all things Queen-related isn’t exactly sparkling.

Of course, I’m A Celebrity star Mike married in 2011, making him Princess Anne’s son in law – and he has recently shared his experiences going to .

Although, maybe we’ll forgive him on this one, because the question wasn’t exactly about the late monarch, but rather about the birds she kept.

Former rugby pro Mike took on yet another Bushtucker trial along with in an attempt to win meals for camp as the final looms.

But, the trial, named Fallen Stars, had the pair puzzled, despite them feeling confident and describing themselves as the ‘dream team’ while heading in.

Arriving at the trial clearing, presenter Dec explained the rules, which involved one celeb (Mike) sitting on a dunk tank.

The Queen had a pretty impressive pigeon collection (Picture: Getty)
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He was tasked with answering questions correctly so his campmate could have more time in critter-filled cages, piecing together star puzzles. The more puzzles they completed, the more stars they won.

Mike was asked a series of questions relating to each cage. For example, he was asked what a collection of spiders are called. He answered ‘clan’, the answer was ‘cluster’ or ‘clutter’. He got spectacularly dunked when it was incorrect.

The cringe-worthy moment came, though, when he was asked what the correct term is for someone who breeds pigeons.

After failing to provide the correct answer, Mike was informed that the name is, in fact, a pigeon fancier, which Hancock knew.

The rugby star was dunked into a tank when he got a question wrong (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)
Hancock managed to piece together four puzzles, resulting in four stars for camp (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

‘Ah I should’ve known that, the Queen has the largest collection of pigeons,’ he exclaimed afterwards.

And it is true, the late Queen Elizabeth was a pigeon fancier and a patron of many UK pigeon-racing associations for many years.

She kept around 200 pigeons in her loft at the Sandringham Estate – a fact for all you fact fans out there.

Picking up on the comical moment, one Twitter user joked: ‘Buckingham Palace are utterly disappointed that Mike got that pigeon question wrong’.

‘Mike just casually mentioning the late queen and her pigeon collection’, quipped another.

Alas, Mike couldn’t make the connection, so he got dunked in the slimy tank.

Fortunately, though, what he lacks in knowledge on pigeons, he makes up for with his knowledge of films and TV duos.

In an ant-themed round he correctly named Ant’s birth place and in a round with rats correctly identified Ratatouille as a rat-themed film. 

Other questions for Mike included the name for a male rat, which he answered ‘stud’ but it was ‘buck’. 

Hancock was unable to finish just one puzzle in the time given, so they earned four out of the five stars available. 

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues tomorrow on ITV.