I’m A Celeb’s Myles Stephenson opens up on heart condition after worrying fans with photo of ECG
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 08, 2022 - 05:26PM
Myles Stephenson has been undergoing tests for a heart condition (Picture: instagram)

has revealed he has a heart condition after leaving fans concerned by sharing a photo of him getting an ECG in hospital. 

The Rak-Su star, 31, had shared a snap of his bare chest covered in sticky pads with electrical wires attached, with three crying face emojis. 

Fans had messaged him to check on him after the post, which led to the former I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here star sharing a video explaining why he had been in hospital. 

Myles told his followers: ‘I am perfectly fine. I have a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which basically means in a nutshell that my heart walls are too thick so it can cause problems pumping blood around my body.

‘So I have yearly check-ups. This is all very, very new to me as well so I am still working out what I need to do and how I need to carry myself now with regards to my heart and how much exercise I can do and stuff like that.’

According to the NHS, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy affects one in 5000 people and causes the heart muscle cells to enlarge and the walls of the heart chambers thicken, meaning the chambers are reduced in size and can not hold as much blood, while the walls can not relax properly and may stiffen, with the potential to obstruct the flow of blood through the heart. 

Myles had shared a photo of his ECG wires (Picture: Instagram)
Myles became a father last year (Picture: Instagram @mylesraksu)

In most cases, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy will not have an impact on a person’s daily life and some people who have it do not have any symptoms or need treatment, however in some cases it can be serious and is the most common cause of sudden unexpected death in childhood and in young athletes.

Myles continued: ‘I have a yearly test and I have check-ups as and when, so today I went for a fitness test and that involves them connecting me to an ECG and a blood pressure monitor.’

The fitness test involves walking before gradually increasing the pace and incline while connected to the machines, where it was found that Myles’s blood pressure was ‘dangerously high’ and the fitness test was stopped mid-way through. 

‘So that paired with my cardiomyopathy is a cause for concern,’ Myles revealed, adding: ‘So that’s what the test was for, that’s what the sticky things on my chest was for. So I’m all good, not to worry, it’s all – like I said – very, very new to me so I am going through this process as a beginner and trying to understand what’s going on.’

Myles is currently expecting his second child with girlfriend Keli Hall after welcoming his first son Shiloh last year.