Is Brandon Perea Filipino? Unknown Truth On Family Ethnicity and Background
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 20

Born on May 25, 1995, to a Filipino mother and a Puerto Rican father, Brandon Perea is a 27-year-old American actor.

Perea is a diverse performer who is sKi**ed at bicycle motocross and can breakdance while skating. In addition, the artist recently became the youngest professional in jam skating history.

Brandon debuted as an actor in a major motion picture as Kenton in Dace camp in 2016; he also had an appearance as a jam skater in Figure It Out in 2012, and he starred in American Latino TV.

The actor is also well-known for playing characters like Brendon in Oh, Sorry and Angel Torres in Nope as well as Alfonso “French” Sosa in The OA. Additionally, he will play Niko in AMP House.

Brandon Perea

Is Nope Actor Brandon Perea Filipino?

In the upcoming American science fiction horror film Nope, Brandon, who plays the part of Angel Torres, is half Puerto Rican and half Filipino; his cherished mother is a Filipina.

They met, fell in love, and had the actor in Chicago; he is not, however, their only child, as Perea revealed to Rappler. His mom was born in the Philippines and his father in Puerto Rico.

Given that he learnt two languages, observed holidays in both nations, and was of Asian descent, Perea must have enjoyed his childhood with parents from diverse racial and ethnic origins.

Brandon Perea Ethnicity And Nationality Revealed

Being born and reared in America, Brandon is a Filipino-Puerto Rican-American who most likely holds the American nationality.

The actor developed independence during his adolescence when, at age 16, he left home to chase his goals in Los Angeles. In a similar vein, he started breakdancing when he was a small child and became the youngest pro in Jamskating history.

Additionally, Perea is a sKi**ed actor, jam skater, dancer, and BMX rider, so he made the perfect decision to display his skills on the big screen. He also has 10 credits on his IMBD page and hopes to inspire and amuse people all around the world with his artistic abilities.

Brandon Perea Religion And Background: Where Is He From?

Perea was born in 1996 and is a native of Chicago, Illinois in the United States. He celebrates his birthday on May 25 every year. His astrological sign is Gemini, however it’s unclear what he believes in.

Brandon hasn’t stated which deity or path he adheres to; he may be a Christian and follow the moral teachings of Jesus Christ, or he may practice Buddhism, Hinduism, or another religion that hasn’t been discovered.

The Nope actor has also kept the specifics of his background a secret and hasn’t revealed anything about his private life to the media. He does, however, occasionally share details of his upbringing online.

Meet Brandon Perea’s Parents On Instagram

On the social media platform, Brandon uses the name @brandonperea to post frequently, yet out of 177 posts, not a single one contains even a single image of his parents.

The artist has three brothers and was one of the four sons of father Joe Perea and mother, whose identity has not yet been made public. On his Instagram, @jluis1, papa Perea has posted a few images of their family.

The actor aspired to skateboard professionally, so his mother took him to a skate park and bought him a skateboard. He has the best mother who has always supported him. Later, when he began roller skating breakdancing, she drove him to the roller rink.