Mychelle Johnson Instagram Page And Pictures – Miles Bridges Baby Mama Accused NBA Star Against Domestic Violence
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Mychelle Johnson’s photos are on her Instagram account, which has 23.3k followers and is called @mycoool_. She is dating Miles Bridges, an American basketball player who plays in the NBA.

Mychelle posted the horrifying and disturbing pictures of her wounds on her Instagram account in Los Angeles on June 27 and 28. The month before, she told their two children that her NBA player boyfriend, Bridges, had hit her and hurt their children.

Johnson, who is 24 years old, said on social media that Bridges choked her until she passed out, broke her nose, and gave her a concussion. He hasn’t hurt their children in any way.

Mychelle Johnson

The Instagram page and pictures of Mychelle Johnson

Mychelle Johnson recently posted upsetting pictures of her injuries on Instagram to show that she had been abused by her boyfriend.

Bridges’ nose was broken, and she gave Bridges a concussion. Miles’s beautiful girlfriend can be found on Instagram under the name @mycoool_. As of right now, 23.3k people follow her.

After what she has been doing lately, it looks like she will soon have millions of followers. She had a peaceful family life with her boyfriend, Miles, and their two kids.

She often sent cute pictures of her boyfriend and her kids to her friends. But the most recent Instagram photos were nothing like the ones before.

In the pictures she posted, Johnson showed a picture of herself when she was hurt and couldn’t open her eyes. Her lips and forehead are full of scars. She was hiding her wounds by putting on a mask.

She showed all of her scars on her backbone and left arm

Mychelle Johnson, Miles Bridges’ baby mama, says that the NBA star beats her.

Mychelle Johnson, the baby mama of NBA player Miles Bridges, said that the fights at home were caused by her boyfriend.

On this subject, Gascón, the Los Angeles District Attorney, said that domestic violence hurts the victim’s body, mind, and emotions. Children who grow up with domestic violence are weak and hurt in ways that can’t be fixed.

The Bureau of Victim Services will help victims get through the difficult process. Prosecutors said Bridges was guilty of two felonies involving child abuse and one felony involving hurting a child’s parent.

Police say that the basketball player turned himself in and was released after paying $130,000 bail. Before, he had to pay $50,000 because he hit a fan with a mouthpiece. The news about how he hurt her girlfriend recently has broken the internet.

Johnson said she could not stay quiet any longer because she had let someone destroy her home. She says that Bridges has made their kids scared for life. He has hurt her in every way possible.

Who is Miles Bridges, the guy Mychelle Johnson is seeing?

Mama Mychelle is known as NBA star Miles Bridges’ girlfriend.

She is happy to be Amyah and Alayah’s mother. The woman who took part in NDWBB National Champion 2018 was a mother of two. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Notre Dame.

Miles, her NBA-player boyfriend, plays for the Charlotte Hornets. He used to play for the University of Michigan and Flint Southwestern Academy. said that the five-star player was the 10th best player in his class.

He finished the season with an average of 16.9 points, 8.3 rebounds, 2.1 assists, and 1.5 blocks per game in 32 minutes. Also, five times he was named Big Ten Freshman of the Week.