Is It True That FYB Trigga Ki**ed In Chicago? Shooting Following His Live Video
Posted by  badge Boss on 4 weeks ago

The news about the death of FYB Trigga shocks everyone. Rumors claim that he was shot and Ki**ed after revealing his location on IG live video. 

FYB Trigga

Trigga is said to have been murdered in Chicago. Right now, condolence notes for his family may be found all over the internet.

Is It True That FYB Trigga Ki**ed In Chicago?

FYB Trigga, according to rumors, was slain in Chicago. He lived in Illinois, and his location was allegedly revealed through an Instagram live stream.

He was shot and Ki**ed after that. However, there were three victims. FYB Montae was present, as was another individual whose identity has not yet been revealed.

While this occurrence is supposed to have occurred on May 30, an identical incidence was reported in one of Illinois’ neighborhoods. A man was Ki**ed and two others were injured in a shooting on Burnside, Chicago’s South Side, on Monday, according to media reports.

Around 7:45 p.m., someone opened fire near a sidewalk in the 1300 block of East 93rd Street. One male, 25, was shot in the chest and sent to Trinity Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to officials.

Another man, 26, was wounded in the chest and is being treated at the same hospital in critical condition. The third man, a 27-year-old man, was shot in the body and taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center. At the moment, his condition was unknown.

While we have yet to determine whether or not the rappers were involved in this claimed occurrence, the number of victims and ages appear to match the instances, but this might just be a coincidence.

FYB, Trigga Shooting Happened After His Live Video

According to reports on the internet, FYB Trigga’s shooting took occurred after his Instagram live broadcast. On the video, he gave away his location, and then he was shot.

His most recent video has been shared on Youtube by a number of individuals. His admirers have also paid respect to him and expressed their sorrow at the tragic news.

Furthermore, no arrests have yet been made in the case. As a result, the police meddling has not yet been recorded.

What Is FYB Trigga Real Name?

Trigga’s real name was never discovered. Even on his social media accounts, he always utilized his stage name. As a result, his genuine name may be difficult to discover at this time.