It’s Morbin’ time: PlayStation fans flood Twitter with obviously fake State of Play leaks
Posted by  badge Boss on May 30
If you believe everything you read, then the State of Play will feature Morbius and nothing but Morbius (pic: Sony Pictures)

Fake State of Play leaks are spreading like wildfire online, and some are a lot more entertaining than the truth is likely to be.

With a new taking place this week, we’re in peak fake leaks territory. It’s the perfect time for no-names on to put together a perfectly reasonable sounding list of announcements, to trick people and drum up false expectations.

Two supposedly L***ed document, that list all the announcements from the show have already appeared on Twitter. Aside from the lack of a reliable source, the fact that both leaks contradict each other proves neither can be trusted.

That hasn’t stopped some from treating one or the other as fact, but as if to counter them being spread as gospel, several fans have flooded Twitter with their own fake leaks.

Not only are the contents of the ‘leaks’ funny but so too are the deliberately try-hard comments about how real they are.

Some of them can almost pass themselves off as legitimate, such as one that lists several highly anticipated games like and the .

This comes courtesy of Twitter user and aside from sounding too good to be true, what gives it away is the inclusion of Final Fantasy: Tifa’s Italian Adventure, referencing the infamous incident in January when porn of the character in question was played during a Zoom meeting in the Italian senate.

, who regularly translates information pertaining to Square Enix games, posted a ‘99.99% trustworthy leak of the next PlayStation State of Play roster’ and even cited her source as ‘bro, trust me.’

Appropriately, half of her ‘leak’ consists of Square Enix games, like and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 2. Unfortunately, it seems enough people missed the obvious satire as she had to clarify it was a joke in a follow-up post.

When one of the leaks was shared to , user Aquiper responded with their own that they ‘obtained from a file my cousin Jonathan Saucefingers hacked from Jimmy Ryan at a local McDonalds Wi-Fi.’

It starts off sounding like a proper leak with a new trailer for , but then immediately delves into nonsense, such as a Bloodborne soccer spin-off and a new Ape Escape from Naughty Dog.

Our absolute favourite has to be ’s attempt because their fake leak is comprised of nothing but announcements related to the , which has become ironically popular through ridiculous memes.

Highlights include a Morbius Babies spin-off for children and a sneak peek at a sequel that features Spider-Man ‘for real this time,’ only for notes to admit he’s not in the teaser.

Aside from just being funny, this whole situation shows how easy it is for anyone to fake a leak. At the moment all we know officially about the State of Play is that the PlayStation VR2 will receive particular focus, but probably not any other Sony first party games.

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