ITV News’ Nina Hossain drops C-bomb live on air while mispronouncing Jeremy Hunt
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 08

News has surely become cemented in round-ups of live TV blunders for years to come after a newsreader accidentally called, well, something that rhymes with his second name.

Broadcaster Nina Hossain was speaking on the lunchtime news when she discussed Hunt with a reporter, after the Chancellor.

She then said, quite clearly, ‘Mr c**t.’

Nina immediately corrected herself, saying ‘Mr Hunt,’ and moved swiftly on.

Butby countless viewers, and, naturally, spread like wildfire online.

Jenna Ellis shared the clip on X and wrote ‘Omg, no way did this just happen on the ITV News it’s made my day.’

Nina recognised the mistake and moved on without missing a beat (Picture: ITV)
She unfortunately misspoke while discussing Jeremy Hunt (Picture:Reuters)

Kathryn Spooner said Nina ‘looked mortified but carried on without missing a beat, best bit of TV I’ve seen all week! So funny.’

User Claire said she had ‘literally only just stopped crying,’ while Kye described it as a ‘legendary slip of the tongue.’

‘Don’t know how she kept it together,’ Lorna Burnett wrote, and LibbyLeopard said, alongside laughing emojis, ‘had to rewind myself to check I’d heard it right.’

The broadcaster was speaking Hunt after his budget announcement (Picture: ITV)

Countless videos are being shared on social media of the moment – many recorded on phones, with the viewer heard giggling after Nina makes the slip up.

But it’s far from the first time a newsreader has made the mistake – and not even the first time it’s come from an ITV reporter.

In 2022, ITV News political editor Robert Peston while speaking about the latest drama in Parliament.

Robert Peston made the same slip-up live on air (Picture: Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Huntt has been called the C bomb by reporters live on air multiple times by accident (Picture: PA Wire)

Addressing Hunt’s planned cuts to public spending, he said: ‘That means the hole in the public finances is bigger than it would have been, and Jeremy C***’s – Hunt’s – cuts will be more painful.’

He didn’t address the slip-up, but again, the internet noticed.

The and BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire, who by her mistake and said she ‘really, really wants to apologise.’

Just moments after Nina’s blunder, a second explicit comment was heard by ITV News viewers.

A reporter’s live coverage was rudely interrupted by a heckler walking past and shouting: ‘F**k her in the p***y.’

The moment was gracefully moved on from, with the presenter issuing an apology for the interruption before swiftly moving on.

X user @TeethanTheJedi said: ‘ITV News having the worst time today First Mr Cunt and now “f**k her right in the p***y”’

‘ITV news having a nightmare this lunchtime,’ @lmxstn added.

Nina’s blunder comes after Hunt set out his spring Budget on Wednesday, which included a 2p reduction in national insurance.

Vaping and tobacco is set to get more expensive, while a freeze in alcohol duty will continue for another year.

Many have complained the Budget does not go far enough to offset the cost of living families and individuals are struggling with.