Jamie Tartt: Phil Dunster Appears With A Racing Stripe Shaved Into His Right Eyebrow
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 25

Famous British actor Phil Dunster is well-known for his part in the drama series Strike Back.

According to his Wikipedia, Phils is also well known for playing Tristan in the science fiction series Humans, Jamie Cole in the comedy-drama The Trouble With Maggie Cole, and Jamie Tartt on Ted Lasso.

Phil Dunster

What Happened To Phil Dunster’s (Jamie Tartt) Eyebrow?

Teenagers are drawn to Phil’s distinctive appearance and his ambition to depict himself as a bad kid.

In season two of Led Lasso, the TV personality can be seen sporting a racing streak shaved into his right eyebrow. He added that, with his hair and eyebrows, he is living out his teenage fantasy.

For Tarrt’s new appearance, Phil also supplied suggestions to his makeup artist Nicky Austin for a new hairdo and eyebrow.

In one of the interviews, Dunster also mentioned that his mother refused to let him ask about the shaved eyebrow because she wasn’t too thrilled about it.

In season 2 of Ted Lasso, Jamie Tartt’s go-to appearance is an eyebrow slit. And he believes that many football players all around the world sport it.

Are The Frosted Eyebrows For Phil Dunster Character Jamie Tartt Detail?

In the first season of Ted Lasso, Phil portrayed Jamie Tartt, a bad lad who failed spectacularly.

Dunster claims he is living his teenage dream and considers entirely changing his appearance. The odd hairstyle and look of players at the moment is the frosted eyebrows.

In Phil’s mind, the bad boy was supposed to be more like slit eyebrows, switching around their clothes and hairdos. Jamie also wants to establish a standard for how young people view bad boys and their attractiveness.

Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt On Ted Lasso

On Ted Lasso, Phil portrays the well-known footballer Jamie Tartt.

That persona, whom the artist had never before envisaged, was pictured as a football player. The public did not warm to Jamie when he first appeared on Ted Lasso in season one as an egotistical player with a loud voice and a Mancunian accent.

However, in season 2 of Ted Lasso, viewers complimented Phil’s efforts and his on-screen bad boy image. At the conclusion of season 2, Jamie had assaulted his alcoholic father and was being held by Kent. The audience had a clear understanding of the character of the worried Jamie.

His role in the self-realization process continued in season three as his character developed.