Jenna Ortega looks to have blocked Adin Ross after he asked her out on date
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 17
It’s not happening any time soon (pic: Twitter/Instagram)

Wednesday star seems to have blocked Adin Ross on Twitter, to avoid going on a date with him.

streamer Adin Ross is amongst those who have been blown away by Jenna Ortega after she rose to fame for playing the lead role in Netflix’s Wednesday. 

The performance of the 20-year-old actress has been deemed iconic by fans of the show, especially her dance scene which went viral on . 

In a bid to stand out and catch Jenna’s attention, Adin decided to ‘shoot his shot’ publicly on Twitter, but it looks like his words fell flat. 

He promised to take the actress out for ‘some nice dinner’ and then… crickets. In fact, it looks like she might have blocked him a few days after. 

‘Shooting my official shot at you,’ the streamer said tagging the actress. 

‘Just give me one chance to take you out to some nice dinner.’ 

After seeing Adin’s tweet many fellow streamers decided to poke fun at his public proposal (of sorts). 

Hasanabi simply replied ‘LMAO’ but FaZe Ronaldo went as far as making a fake image where Jenna had seemingly responded. 

Most of the people who stumbled across Adin’s tweet suggested that he should have messaged her privately. Others flat out said that he didn’t . 

More and more days passed and there was no response from Jenna, at least not in the form of a tweet. 

However, Adin might have received his answer and it’s not quite what he would have wanted. 

According to BigStreamAlerts, Adin unfollowed the actress just three days after his initial tweet and it’s not because he’s given up. 

If a Twitter user blocks someone who follows them, the platform automatically removes that person from their followers list. So, it looks like the blocked person unfollowed the ‘blocker’. 

Given that Adin still follows Jenna’s brother, this seems to be the most likely case… though his frequent co-streams with controversial influencer Andrew Tate might have played a role in the block. 

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