Jennifer Lopez has perfect response after marriage to Ben Affleck is savagely questioned on red carpet
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 08
Jennifer Lopez didn’t hold back when asked personal questions about her marriage (Picture: Variety)

delivered a masterclass in gracefully clapping back after an interviewer questioned her marriage to while chatting on the red carpet.

The Mother star, 54, and the Hypnotic actor, 51,  before going their separate ways, with Ben marrying Alias star Jennifer Garner the following year and J-Lo tying the knot with singer, songwriter, and actor Marc Anthony.

Ben and Jennifer following their respective break-ups, 20 years after they first met on set during the filming of Gigil, before .

Hitting the red carpet for the in Beverly Hills, the Hollywood icon was questioned about her nuptials and swiped back in the most perfect way.

When questioned by one reporter how she knew ‘her last wedding’ was indeed her last, she curtly responded ‘Because when they say “you know”, you know.’

She added: ‘And other times when you didn’t know, you also didn’t know,’ before saying she always goes into relationships with ‘the best of intentions.’

J-Lo was asked how she knew her last marriage was, indeed, her last (Picture: Getty Images)
The singer and her former flame Ben reconnected in 2021 before tying the knot a year later (Picture: Getty Images)
Fans defended the star against the line of questioning on social media (Picture: CBS via Getty Images)

The interviewer continued to dig deeper and asked how Good Will Hunting actor Ben feels when he sees J-Lo ‘play up’ their marriage, with the Hustlers star saying: ‘I think he sees me as an artist and he knows that I’m going to express myself and he’s my biggest fan and biggest supporter.’

Fans were quick to slam the ‘awkward’ interaction and praise J-Lo for how she handled it.

X user @DandyRandy13 wrote: ‘This interview was so embarrassing and awkward – if I was J Lo I would have walked away.’

@jloaddictionn added: ‘The interviewer could have asked JLo about her film projects or her new music that she will release soon, but he preferred to ask her awkward and rude questions.’

@ARodTV said: ‘I thought this was cringe to watch too. Why would you ask her that? She answered graciously but not cool.’

Another interview at the star-studded event saw the Jenny From The Block hitmaker misty-eyed after shocked her with .

Brie Larson was left overwhelmed meeting J-Lo at the event (Picture: Entertainment Tonight)
The Marvel star cited J-Lo as one of her acting inspirations (Picture: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

At one point on the red carpet, the Captain Marvel star, 34, was being interviewed when she was completely taken aback by the sight of the singer behind her.

Brie revealed that Jennifer was one of the main reasons why she decided to pursue a career in acting in the first place, after watching her in the 1997 biopic Selena.

She then turned around and gasped after spotting Jennifer, saying: ‘Oh my god, I’m going to cry. I can’t deal with J-Lo.’

After fanning her face, Jennifer was escorted up the steps, as Brie continued to say that she was going to cry over meeting her idol.

‘You mean so much to me!’ Brie said as Jennifer came over to hug her.

The Room actress then told her: ‘I saw Selena and it made me want to be an actor and you’ve always meant so much to me.’

Clearly moved by the confession, Jennifer responded: ‘Oh my god, don’t make me cry!’