Jonathan Broom-Edwards thought he was ‘going to die’ during brutal SAS: Who Dares Wins gassing task
Posted by  badge Boss on Sep 04
Jonathan reflected on one of the gruelling tasks (Picture: PA/Channel 4)

Jonathan Broom-Edwards has revealed that he actually thought he was ‘going to die’ during

The 34-year-old para-sport athlete joins  winner Amber Gill, EastEnders actress and ’s AJ Pritchard as the Channel 4 show returns to screens showcasing some pretty intense training.

AJ’s brother Curtis has also signed up for the new series, as well as footballer and former Olympic sprinter Dwayne Chambers.

In tonight’s first episode, the contestants are tasked with the notorious ‘gassing’ challenge, which sees them forced to enter a room, take off their mask, and be exposed to horrendous gases before they have to find their own way out.

Reflecting on the challenge, the high jumper revealed to and other publications: ‘The hardest thing, the thing that gave me the most panic, and I felt like I was going to die, was the gassing.

The paralympic athlete is starring as a new SAS contestant (Picture: Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)
The gassing challenge left the contestants in agony (Picture: Channel 4 / Pete Dadds)

‘I didn’t realise how bad that would be. And it’s definitely the ugliest I think I’ve ever looked in my life. You just don’t know how you’re going to fare.’

Boxer Shannon Courtenay added: ‘The worst thing is they say to you don’t touch your face or rub your eyes or put water on your face, but I immediately did all three, I rubbed my eyes and was sick everywhere, so it wasn’t a great day for me.’

Shannon and Jonathan are joining 12 other celebs this series (Picture: Channel 4 / Pete Dadds)

Meanwhile, Olympic gold medallist Fatima Whitbread actually did quite well during the challenge, and impressed the DS (Directing Staff) by keeping her cool, unlike many of the other celebs.

, she tells DS Billy and Foxy: ‘Yeah it’s hard, I didn’t expect it not to be, but you dig deep and see what you’ve got.’

Fatima opened up about her childhood in an emotional scene (Picture: Channel 4 / Pete Dadds)

Elsewhere in tonight’s first episode, the celebs are pitted against each other for the notorious milling challenge, described as ‘one of the most violent,’ which leaves .

Ahead of the fight, Pete shakes his head as he admits he doesn’t want to ‘fight a woman’, adding in an interview later: ‘I just don’t know if I can fight a bird,’ saying he hates the idea of anyone fighting his mum.

Meanwhile, Jennifer adds in her interview: ‘I’m all for equal opportunities and everything, but I would be a bit scared fighting a fella, because they’re stronger than you and bigger than you.’

The fight results in both of them in tears, after Pete smacks Jennifer in the back of the head, before tearfully saying: ‘Sorry’ to her, as he admits: ‘I punched her in the back of the head.’

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins returns to Channel 4 tonight, Sunday, 4 September at 9pm.