Kate Beckinsale exposes catfishing ordeal that forced her to move house: ‘If you think I’m messaging you, it’s not me’
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 19
Kate Beckinsale explained why men were showing up to her home during lockdown (Picture: Getty Images)

revealed how cat-fishers tricked people into turning up at her house during lockdown in an Instagram post she uploaded on Wednesday.

The 49-year-old actress divulged that multiple men attempted to enter her home over the lockdown period as they genuinely with her.

She attached a lengthy caption to a video skit created by Jimmy Wyngarde that featured a man who was convinced he was in an internet relationship with the Snow Angels star.

It read: ‘…can this please be the definitive answer to anyone who thinks I am messaging them or talking to them on google hangouts or asking them for money or sending pictures of my passport or driving license – or that my personal assistant is messaging them on my behalf or anything in that vein – it’s absolutely NOT me and you are being horribly taken advantage of and please report and block anyone doing this to you.

‘During lockdown several men had been catfished to the degree that they flew to Los Angeles from out of state, had been given my home address and arrived on my doorstep late at night (on different nights, over a couple of week period) thinking we were in some sort of relationship.

The star revealed man of the men were arrested and left embarrassed (Picture: Getty Images)
Kate was dating Goody at the time (Picture: Shutterstock)

‘My boyfriend at the time and I were completely freaked out , the catfished guys were humiliated and some of them arrested , the scammers weren’t caught and I ended up ultimately having to move house.

‘So long story short, if you think I’m messaging you, it’s not me [sic].’

She shared the news via a post on social media (Picture: Instagram)

During her account she referenced her previous partner, 25, and admitted she ultimately moved out of the L***ed address to somewhere cat-fishers couldn’t find her.

Kate’s post came after she raised concerns for her health when she shared she was suffering from a mystery illness.

Posting on Instagram, the star uploaded a shot of herself and explained she was working through a ‘tough time’.

She captioned her image: ‘Tough week or two for both of us .Thanks to everyone who has been loving us through . Prayers up for my Clive and brighter days ahead x [sic].’

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