Katherine Ryan won’t be discussing her allegations against ‘sexual assault’ predator ‘ever again’ to protect other women
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 25, 2022 - 11:29PM
Katherine Ryan says she won’t be discussing allegations against an alleged ‘sexual predator’ again (Picture: Getty)

says she won’t be discussing claims against an alleged ‘sexual assault’ predator ‘ever again’ to protect other women.

The comedian revealed in June that she had called out a man working in the entertainment industry, .

Accusing the colleague of being a sexual predator while working on a popular television show, she later said that the person she refuses to name is an ‘open secret’.

Speaking to for his Interviews series, Katherine spoke about the claims and said it was .

Now she’s spoken out on social media and said she will no longer be drawn on the claims.

‘In my original context this was about my experience and the shared experiences of my colleagues faced with the moral dilemma of whether or not to take a job when you think you’ll be working with a creep,’ she wrote in a statement posted to Instagram on Friday.

Katherine shared a statement on social media (Picture: Instagram)

‘I decided on a personal compromise. Fine to speak about that experience when asked, I wasn’t trying to “out” anyone or name anyone…but then, they don’t want his name,’ she continued.

Instead, she said, she was being asked to reveal the name of the women who had been potential victims of the man.

‘They [the media] want women’s names so they can ring them up, pressure them and print their stories and associate them constantly with this s***,’ she said.

Katherine recently spoke to Louis for his Interviews series (Picture: BBC/Mindhouse)

‘Leave these women alone. I will not be discussing this ever again so don’t ask me.’

As she told Louis, ‘we’ve seen what happens to the people who talk about alleged predators’.

Katherine has said she is not a victim of this man and it is ‘not her story to tell’.

‘No one has perpetrated any sexual assault against me, but this person, I believe very strongly – many people believe very strongly – is an open secret, is a perpetrator of sexual assault.’