Katie Price offered £5,000 to stop owning animals
Posted by  badge Boss on Feb 08
Katie Price has been asked to sign a legally binding contract to never have a pet again (Picture: Katie Price/Instagram)

A leading animal rights organisation has offered a cash sum if she agrees to never own a pet again.

PETA said it would pay the former glamour model, 45, £5,000 in exchange for signing a legally binding agreement promising never to acquire another animal.

The On***ans creator has been the  in the past when it comes to her animals, with  pleading for her to be banned from pet ownership.

Several pets have died in Katie’s care in recent years, including some , among them her , who died last year after being hit by a car, months after her other dog .

PETA Vice President Elisa Allen offered the mother-of-five the deal in an open letter published on their website and raised concerns she was ‘consistently harming’ animals.

Allen wrote: ‘While your intentions may be good, the ever-growing number of animals who have either died under your supervision or been given away is impossible to ignore, and people are rightly concerned.

‘Whatever you may offer as reasons for their suffering, relinquishment, or demise, the fact is that you are consistently harming these sensitive, sentient individuals, and I hope you agree that this is a solution.’

In response to the open letter, Katie’s rep told the : ‘Kate has asked PETA many times to have a conversation with her directly, but instead they continue to play the narrative out in the media. 

‘If they want to have a direct conversation with Kate they can get in touch. 

PETA said it would pay Katie £5,000 if she accepts the deal (Picture: Katie Price/Instagram)

‘Isn’t it a waste of charity money or have they got funds available to give out to celebrities, which should be going towards animals?’ 

Having previously called Blade her protector dog, Katie claimed he was ‘Ki**ed on purpose’ in a deliberate attack on her.

Shortly afterwards, she got  and was criticised for appearing to hit the puppy on a TikTok Live as he growled and refused to settle.

Katie said she had previously attempted to have a conversation with Peta (Picture: Katie Price/Instagram)

Last month, Katie reportedly gave Tank away to an electrician, months after getting him, because he

They told The Sun that the model ‘loves getting puppies that look cute on Instagram but when they start to grow up and she has to train them she loses interest.’

Reps for Katie declined to comment when previously approached by Metro.co.uk.

Several animals are believed to have died under her care (Picture: Dave Benett/Getty Images for WFTV Awards)

Katie has come under serious scrutiny in the past when it comes to her pets, with seven animals believed to have died under her care in recent years.

In 2020, a petition to ban the model from owning pets emerged after her French Bulldog puppy, Rolo, suffocated to death after becoming trapped in an electric armchair.

Dogs Blade, Sharon, Sparkle and Queenie all died on the A24 outside her home after being hit by cars.

A horse she owned also died in a traffic accident, and she claimed Junior’s pet chameleon died of a broken heart after he went to a residential college.

Metro.co.uk has contacted Katie’s rep for comment.