Kelsey Parker announces update on wedding ring in emotional post after husband Tom’s death
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 08
Tom Parker died in 2022 after battling a brain tumour for two years (Picture: PA)

Kelsey Parker has revealed her ‘painful’ decision to stop wearing her wedding ring after the death of her husband in 2022.

The Wanted singer in 2020 and battling with his illness for almost two years.

Ever since Parker’s death, mum-of-two Kelsey, now 33 herself, has been while raising their two children after the death of their father.

On Sunday she made no exception, writing a touching, heartfelt message to her followers, explaining why she’s no longer going to wear her wedding or engagement rings.

‘It’s something I’ve been thinking long and hard about for a while now, and as we end the first week of a new year, I have decided to take off my rings,’ she wrote.

She continued: ‘It felt really painful every time I looked at them and I have been torturing myself over when will be the right time. I know now there will never be a right or wrong time, but there does have to come a point in my life when I remove them.

‘Of course I’ll always be Tom’s, he’ll always be in my heart and I know I will forever be in his, but right now, in this world I’m not married anymore as much as that breaks my heart to admit.’

In the lengthy statement, she went on to admit that she doesn’t yet know what to do with her wedding rings but promised that she wanted to do ‘something special’ to pay tribute to Tom.

Kelsey revealed the news to her fans in an Instagram statement (Picture: SplashNews)
The couple had two children together (Picture: ITV)

In response to her request for advice, many people suggested melting them down to form a single ring, while others suggested having a mould of her hand created to make an accompanying ornament.

Before Christmas, Kelsey , who she first met almost a year after Parker had died.

In an Instagram Q&A with fans, she was asked by one of her followers: ‘If you don’t mind me asking are you still in a relationship?’

She then replied: ‘We’re not together anymore. It’s a shame it didn’t work out as he’s a really amazing person, but it just wasn’t right.’