Kerry Katona reveals impressive body transformation as she brushes off ‘vile insults’ from trolls
Posted by  badge Boss on Oct 07
Kerry Katona looks fantastic after months of dedicated workouts (Picture: Instagram)

has shared her body transformation after months of hard work – just to be hit by cruel comments from trolls.

But the former Queen of the Jungle has brushed the comments off as she shares her pride at how far she’s come.

The, has been devoted to regular intense workouts for months now, regularly to Instagram as she determines to work on her health.

And on Thursday, six months after sharing her first workout to the app, she shared her progress so far from her holiday in .

Beaming with pride as she showed off her toned body in the mirror, Kerry wrote: ‘It’s getting there … did another great workout this morning.’

She urged: ‘Come people let’s kick some a**e! Who’s with me??’

The star showed off the result of her hard work (Picture: Kerry Katona/ Instagram)
She determined not to let trolls’ ‘vile insults’ get the better of her after sticking to a regime since March (Picture: Kerry Katona/ Instagram)

While the comments were filled with people praising Kerry for the work she’s put in and the impressive transformation, some lashed out with cruel comments, leading Kerry to share another post just minutes later, blasting ‘nasty comments and vile insults.’

This time lying on a sunlounger by the pool and grinning at the camera, Kerry wrote: ‘Lumps and bumps!!!! But it’s getting there!!!

‘I’m 43 people not 23!!! Getting myself back into shape is bloody hard!! Especially the older you get! But remember people, it’s all about how you feel on the inside a healthy mind is a healthy life and exercise is the key!!!

‘Yes I have stretchmarks. Yes I have cellulite, but they are all signatures from my five babies that I grew inside of me. This was [their] home!!! We all get so hung up on what we see on social media of all these airbrush perfect bodies I’m not perfect I know that but I’m feeling good I’m feeling happy and more importantly I’m feeling healthy and I’m doing it for me and that’s all that matters!!!!

‘Say your nasty comments leave your vile insults. I welcome them because no one is perfect. I certainly know I’m not but I’m happy and I’ll continue to better myself and to do that you’ve gonna take that step into who you wanna be! And I wanna be the best version I can be of myself.’

Kerry has been getting into shape for several months with fitness trainer M-Fit, who she tags in her workout posts.

As well as TV and podcast work, Kerry joined X-rated photo-sharing website On***ans during the pandemic, which she says has earned her ‘millions’.

She recently shared that, before joining On***ans during lockdown, she was so ‘skint’ she was forced to sell her wedding presents from her marriage to Brian.

After finding herself struggling to pay rent, she decided to join the racy site – or in her words, thought: ‘Do you know what, let’s get my t**s out,’ telling The Sun it was ‘the best thing I ever did.’