Kevin Hart shocks with ‘worst performance in history’ on The Masked Singer
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 08

has officially added another accolade to his CV by blessing us with the ‘worst performance’ in the history of the Masked Singer .

on Wednesday night, with another string of famous faces singing songs while wearing hugely intricate costumes.

Nick Cannon was hosting the premiere as fresh from the UK version of the show – beside , Robin Thicke, and Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg.

Earlier in the evening, Goldfish, Starfish, Ugly Sweater and Lovebird were met with huge reactions as they made their debuts on the Masked Singer stage.

However, things took a very chaotic turn when Book took to the stage as the final contestant, belting out a very unique version of So Sick by Ne-Yo – .

Unfortunately, Book clearly wasn’t going to follow in his winning footsteps as the panel were in tears of laughter over the off-key performance.

Book raised eyebrows with his off-key performance of So Sick (Picture: Fox)
He had the judging panel in hysterics (Picture: Fox)

‘One of the most charming performances I’ve ever seen. Nobody is more fun than the book…,’ Robin critiqued through laughter. ‘My face is hurting.

‘There’s only a few people that as soon as they walk in the room, I start smiling and laughing like this and that’s Kevin Hart.’

As Nick tried to steer the chat along, the Hollywood legend took matters into his own hands and took his costume off, instead of waiting for everyone else to make their guesses and go through the standard vote.

The unveiling drew screams from the audience and panel, while the presenter was left furious over being upstaged by his Celebrity Prank Wars co-star, fuming: ‘Kevin, you’re breaking the rules! What are you doing?!’

Kevin Hart self-eliminated after the track (Picture: Fox)

‘I got you, Nick! It’s a prank, you had no idea I was coming here,’ the actor cheered, delighted at having got one over on his pal. ‘Guess what? There’s nothing you can do about it.’

‘That’s so stupid! That was the worst performance ever on the history of the show,’ Nick yelled, as Kevin insisted: ‘On purpose, Nick! I performed bad on purpose!’

Having absolutely none of it, the host yelled that the artist formerly known as Book ‘embarrassed himself’ by ‘ruining the show’, and ‘looked very stupid’.

Nick Cannon wasn’t all that impressed with his pal’s antics (Picture: Fox)

‘I don’t look stupid. I look put together, Nick,’ Kevin spat. ‘There’s nothing stupid about me. You know who looks stupid, Nick? You, in that stupid jacket.

‘That’s not my problem — that’s your problem. This is me up on you now!’

The instalment, which must be the most chaotic episode of the Masked Singer ever, came to a close with Kevin vowing he had one-upped his pal, before attempting a second performance of So Sick.

Kevin ended the Masked Singer premiere by singing So Sick once again (Picture: Fox)

‘I’m pumped up. I’ve done a whole lot,’ he added of his efforts as Book. ‘But what I’m doing right now, this might be my most novel experience yet. I’ve been looking forward to this. It’s all I’ve been thinking about

‘The fact that I got to come out here and express myself, I’m just excited.’

Next week’s acts have a lot to live up to…

The Masked Singer airs on Wednesdays at 8pm ET on Fox.