Kidney failure is the cause of death for Rasik Dave actor Ketki Dave’s husband.
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 30

Kidney failure is the cause of death for Rasik Dave actor Ketki Dave’s husband.

We are deeply saddened to report the tragic demise of “Rasik Dave,” the beloved spouse of well-known Gujarati actress Ketki Dave, who is no longer with his loved ones and admirers. No one had even imagined that he would depart the world in such a way, so as soon as the heartbreaking news started spreading on social networking sites, countless comments began to emerge. The majority of people are expressing their sorrow because everyone is in shock after hearing such sad news. Therefore, you may find both the necessary knowledge and some surprising facts below.

According to unconfirmed claims or sources, Rasik Dave had been receiving dialysis for the last two years and was receiving treatment from the medical team so they could keep him alive and provide him more breaths. Unfortunately, his health stopped improving after receiving the treatment, which led to his unexpected passing at the age of 65. However, his family has yet to make any comments on his funeral service, which is still a hot topic of conversation because everyone wants to bid their loved one a final farewell.

Ketki Dave’s Husband

Rasik Dave: Who Was He?

Rasik Dave, 65, a well-known Gujarati actor, reportedly worked on a lot of projects since he appeared in numerous serials or other projects and even appeared in Hindi film. But Putra Vadhu, which was premiered in 1982 on Gujarati cinemas, was a turning point in his career. For his part as Karsandas Dhanuskhlal Vaishnav in the Hindi television series “Sandskaar-Dharohar Apnon Ki,” he is also well-known. Later, he had an appearance in the 2006-broadcast Hindi mythology series Mahabharat as well. He was a well-known figure in the entertainment industry for this reason, and as a result, everyone is expressing their sorrow.

Nearly everyone is paying respect to him on social media, particularly Twitter, so that their sentiments can reach the deceased while also conveying their heartfelt condolences to the family so that they may find the strength to cope with the grief of a devastating loss. Since losing a significant member of one’s family is the worst possible outcome, practically everyone prays for them to have the fortitude to endure this difficult time and for their loved one to rest in peace (RIP Rasik Dave)