Legendary musician retires from touring after 50 years of superstardom
Posted by  badge Boss on Dec 31, 2023 - 02:10AM
Chaka Khan is retiring from big tours to give herself time to ‘sleep’ (Picture: Getty Images)

Iconic musician is retiring from touring after more than 50 years on the road.

The Ain’t Nobody star, 70, has been on the go practically non-stop since signing to her first label with the band Rufus in 1973.

Launching her solo career in the late 1970s, Chaka already, solidifying with the likes of I’m Every Woman and I Feel For You.

Chaka has travelled the world on tours for 50 years, often enduring a gruelling schedule with back-to-back shows – but now she says that’s all over.

The mother-of-two, who also has grandchildren and great-grandchildren, says she has a ‘rich life’ and wants to spend time with her family.

‘I’ve got great-grandchildren I want to get to know better. So I will not do another tour,’ she told .

The star has been on the go since joining Rufus and then carving a solo career in the 70s (Picture: Redferns)

She clarified however that she’s not retiring from live shows all together, just from big tours – so while she’ll still take to the stage, ‘it won’t look like a tour.’

‘They’ll be far enough apart that I can have time to sleep in between.’

For now, Chaka has a gig in the US in January, with her next show not coming until June.

The 70-year-old plans to use the time to get to know her great-grandchildren Getty Images)

She will perform three dates in the UK in June and three in July, with the remainder of her year’s schedule currently empty.

However there are rumours circulating that Chaka is in the running to headline Glastonbury 2024 in the Legend slot.

A source told The Sun there are ‘advanced negotiations’ ongoing between both Chaka and fellow music veteran Shania Twain – and that ‘each have said they would be interested and are both keeping the date free.’

Asked if she would ever consider fully retiring from new music and performances, Chaka answered that she ‘might do that three or four times, like other b*****s do.’