Loose Women star calls out security guard for racially profiling her in front of children
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 01
Judi Love was racially profiled while out shopping with her kids (Picture: REX)

Loose Women star has shared her upset and frustration after being racially profiled while out with her children.

The 43, explained how ‘p***ed’ she was that the guard approached her with ‘preconceived prejudice’, which her kids had to witness and relay to other family members.

Judi – born in Hackney, to – is a mum to and she frequently uses her platform to discuss her everyday experiences and the

Taking to social media over the weekend, the TV personality recalled to her 48,000 followers: ‘Yesterday I went shopping with my children in a well known store.

‘The security guard chose to ask me to show him my receipt for my item! I refused because I watched him let a number of people who didn’t look like me walk out without requesting their receipt!’

She continued: ‘I’m p***ed because I’m a mum first and was simply shopping with my children, how dare you! Approach me with your preconceived prejudice, perceptions and subject my children to this! My children saw and commented.. And even relayed the events later on to the family members!!

The Loose Women star educated a security guard after he approached her with ‘preconceived prejudice’ (Picture: PA)

‘Then you proceed to call through to someone on your radio!! Yesterday would have been a wrap for you trust me. Not because I’m in the public’s eye but because I’m a mum and I stand on principals.. I did and would of publicly again educated you of your ignorance!! [sic]’

Judi concluded: ‘For those that needs it typed out to understand! It’s called Racial Profiling!’

By definition, racial profiling is described as ‘the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offence.’

Responding to Judi’s posts on X, her fans were horrified to learn of what she’d encountered.

‘Good for you for making a stand – but I’d name and shame them. They obviously want re-educating!!’, wrote Kim Nicholls.

‘This shouldn’t have happened to you or anyone, and I believe it happens far too often. People need to have their prejudices called out, and too often, it falls to Black people to do the work when it needs to be done by people in training’, penned Jess Plant.

Judi is a mum to a daughter and a son (Picture: Instagram)
She was devastated that her children later told other family members what they had witnessed (Picture: Instagram)

‘I’m sorry this happened to you and your children. Sounds to me like the staff member in question needs more training or the store needs a new policy’, added user MissPagetEnglish.

Judi has previously spoken about being and stressed the importance of white allyship.

Appearing on The Jonathan Ross Show, the comedian detailed her passion behind her documentary, Black, Female and Invisible, which investigated how the ‘odds are stacked against’ Black women in everyday life.

‘You know, some people get really tense when you talk about racism or you talk about being Black and it shouldn’t be like that. Everybody should be able to have the space to talk about how they identify,’ she shared.

Judi continued: ‘I’ve got to keep it real, white allies are something that we need. Sometimes, if I talk up, I will be seen as aggressive than if you (Jonathan Ross) talk up.

Judi is a firm favourite on daytime TV and in the comedy scene (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

‘So, it’s about coming together. There are a lot of things trying to divide us, but it really is about coming together.’

Judi – who appeared on Loose Women’s historic – is a fan favourite on and a regular on the comedy circuit.

She also recently told Metro.co.uk that in her career, which include writing a sit-com.

Judi added: ‘That line “I’ve made it” doesn’t sit right with me.

‘I don’t want to be comfortable. I don’t think anyone should become complacent.

‘There are moments where I’ve felt the overwhelming pleasure of joy but I’ve not made it.’