Lorraine Kelly shocks with foul-mouth rant during Children in Need skit: ‘F***ing shut up, honestly’
Posted by  badge Boss on Nov 20, 2022 - 03:15AM

is usually the image of professionalism, but a foul-mouth rant has left fellow celebrities losing it after she took part in a skit for

As part of the , the morning TV presenter and some other famous faces put their hands up to volunteer, but with a twist.

Narrated by former Doctor Who , the sketch went behind the scenes of the Children in Need call centre, otherwise known as Pudsey HQ.

Some of Britain’s ‘best-loved…and most available’ celebrities including Lorraine, , , , , , and , took part.

Leading the team was , who was named Head of Celebrity Phone Based Communications.

He didn’t take the responsibility lightly and said being trusted with the job was ‘an absolute honour’.

Lorraine was nothing but kind to callers (Picture: ITV)
However when her fellow celebrities couldn’t concentrate, she lost it (Picture: ITV)

However, he soon realised he had his work cut out for him as he tried to get the celebrities to focus, stick to the scripts, and even had to shut down their attempts to sell off the charity.

‘I was told that the job here was going to be incredibly easy, aside from the fact that everyone is a celebrity,’ he said.

‘Most of them haven’t used a phone since 2005, they pay people to get people to do that for them.’

Peter couldn’t believe what he was hearing (Picture: ITV)

As Lenny said these were ‘proper big names’ taking part, while Mr Blobby decided to rock up too (although he later gave a bit of grief).

Although Lenny had nothing but praise for Lorraine and said she was ‘not giving him any trouble’ and that she ‘was one of the loveliest people on TV’, he might not have witnessed what else was going on.

As the camera captured, she was on her best behaviour for callers but left the other celebrities fearful.

‘That’s so generous,’ she answered the phone at one point

‘Actually, could you just hold on a wee second, poppet? Just hold on for me for a minute.’

And then she let loose.

‘For the love of …..,’ she yelled out in the call centre, her naughty words beeped out for the family-friendly show.

‘How many times have I said f***ing shut up, honestly.’

Deborah was clearly shocked (Picture: ITV)

She went on to use a lot more colourful language as she demanded those around her lower their voices, which understandably shocked many.

Peter spat out his drink, while some of the others looked like they wanted to hide.

Deborah Meaden didn’t look too impressed with what was going down.

‘I cannot concentrate on what I’m doing here,’ she added, before turning on poor Pudsey, who she asked ‘and what the f*** are you looking at’.

Not even Pudsey was safe (Picture: BBC)
Lenny might have been the last one standing, but he stole the show (Picture: BBC)

Eventually Lenny decided the best thing that the celebrities could to to help Children in Need would be to ‘stay away’, so he asked them to all go home.

While Lenny ended up being left alone in the call centre with charity mascot Pudsey by the end, he needn’t have worried.

By the time Children in Need wrapped up last night, the British public had raised an incredible £35 million pounds.