Love Island’s Ekin-Su calls out the Traitors US star for ‘playing bad villain’
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 24
Ekin-Su was Ki**ed on the Traitors US in episode four (Picture: Peacock)

*WARNING: Spoilers for season two of the Traitors US below*

Cülcüloğlu has from the Traitors , admitting that she had an inkling about Parvati Shallow’s true intentions.

Shortly after host at the infamous Scottish castle, the Traitors were secretly tasked with ‘killing in plain sight’ after a tense roundtable.

After some deliberating, Parvati – – handed the star a poisoned chalice , leaving fellow traitors Phaedra Parks and Dan Gheesling baffled by her decision.

In a new interview, faithful Ekin-Su unpacked her exit – in which she was ‘buried alive’ and attended her own funeral – and discussed the drama that went down.

When asked if she had ever suspected that the Survivor legend could be a Traitor, the 29-year-old shared: ‘I always knew Parvati had a traitor face, and I said this to her on the show. I said, “You’re doing a face, which resembles a traitor.” The pounce, the squint in the eyes.

Parvati Shallow handed the Love Island star a poisoned chalice (Picture: Peacock)

‘You know when someone plays like a bad villain, it’s almost like playing that character in a show. So I did think she looks like a traitor. To my surprise, she turned out to be one.

‘But I liked Parvati. I didn’t have anything against her, and I still like her. It’s just a shame. Bless her. She didn’t do a great job at the time of being a traitor, and obviously, Phaedra and Dan weren’t happy with the result. I keep thinking I could have been in there longer, and who knows what would’ve happened, but it’s life.’

Never one to hold back, Ekin-Su also voiced her surprise that the traitor was still in the game at the time of her exit.

‘Parvati, again, just gives traitor vibes. I thought people had maybe sussed her out before,’ she continued to. ‘I know her name was mentioned a few times when we were in circles.

Phaedra Parks wasn’t happy with how things went down at the roundtable (Picture: Peacock)

‘Even Dan. I just felt like people knew, because people heard Alan’s arm go up a few times [when he was selecting Traitors]. People never really dug into it deep enough, and I think if they did, we would’ve definitely caught some traitors at the start.’

Ekin-Su’s exit sparked chaos in the castle as the faithful attempted to figure out who was responsible for her ‘death’.

In a tense roundtable, Parvati tried to place the blame firmly on the batch of Real Housewives that had been cast, suggesting that one of them was definitely a traitor.

While all suspicion fell on Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa Pippen, who was subsequently banished, Phaedea was severely unimpressed with her fellow traitor’s ‘unacceptable’ antics, and issued a stern warning, vowing she would ‘not tolerate’ it.

‘That wasn’t cool for you to go in there and try and throw me under the bus,’ she fumed. ‘When you do stuff like that, it brings attention to me.

‘No one likes you, Parvati. Everyone says you’re a Traitor. We can be in this game together but you’re going to play fair. If you don’t, you’re going to have more problems than the Faithfuls.

‘I’m playing very fair with you so don’t do that to me. Both of you.’

Will the traitorous trio overcome their differences? It’s not looking likely…

The Traitors US continues on Peacock on Thursdays at 9pm ET.