Love Island’s Hugo Hammond accused of ‘screaming’ in Apprentice star Lottie Lion’s face after she rejected kiss
Posted by  badge Boss on Jul 20
Lottie Lion claims Hugo Hammond screamed in her face after she rejected his advances (Picture: Instagram/TikTok)

’s has accused ’s Hugo Hammond of blowing up in her face after she rejected a kiss from him multiple times.

The reality star, who shot to fame after appearing on the 15th series of the BBC competition show, claimed that she had been getting on well with the former PE teacher on a night out.

However, things took a turn when Lottie declined Hugo’s advances three times.

Lottie opened up about her encounter with Hugo in a video posted on where she claimed he invited her out in Bristol last December.

‘When I got there, we started getting along quite well, we were buying quite a few drinks, having a bit of a dance, having a laugh,’ she said.

‘We’re both quite awkward people and I think on the TV show that I was on, I was kind of the black sheep and so was he, so we had a bit of bonding over that.’

Lottie shared details of their night out together in a video on TikTok (Picture: TikTok)

with @binweevil.69

Lottie said that she then went to sit down with Hugo, who she had been with at that point for around three hours.

‘Now as we’re sat down, we’re having more of a laugh and he tries to kiss me, and despite the fact that we are getting on quite well, I was like “I’m so sorry, but I’m not really feeling that”,’ she continued.

‘Initially, he’s respectful, backs off, we carry on talking. Less than five minutes later, he tries again. Again, I’m like “sorry, not interested” and then again he tries to kiss me and when I push him off of me, he screams in my face saying that I’d been “wasting his time this entire f*cking evening and I’ve bought you drinks and got you drunk for nothing”.’

Hugo appeared in series 7 of Love Island (Picture: ITV)

According to Lottie, Hugo then told her that he was out of her league, and the following day she woke up to discover he had blocked her.

‘I just think some men can be so entitled because of their positions in the media and you should always be careful if someone brands themselves the “nice guy” because actions speak louder than words.’

Lottie’s allegations come weeks after Hugo denied Sharon Gaffka’s claims that he made jokes about her being spiked and inappropriate touching. has contacted Hugo’s rep for comment.