Man in agony as his grapefruit-sized bump makes him feel like a ‘hunchback’
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 19

A man with a large bump on his back has described the excruciating pain he’s in.

The mass behind his shoulder has grown from a ‘gumball’ to a ‘grapefruit’, and he’s now seeking help from .

The TLC reality programme follows cosmetic surgeon and dermatologist  helping patients across , which this season has seen a woman with  and a man with 

Elsewhere, the show has followed someone with a and a woman who had a 

Dr Lee’s latest patient has been left in intense pain as the bump on his shoulder grows.

In a preview clip for an upcoming episode, he admits: ‘I call myself the hunchback of Palm Beach County.

‘When I feel it, it’s just very tight.’

A man has revealed the agony his lump gives him (Picture: TLC)
His mass has grown to the size of a grapefruit (Picture: TLC)

He goes on to explain how large the bump has grown over time, saying: ‘When I first noticed this, it went from a gumball to a tennis ball and now it’s a grapefruit.’

His bump is now so big it hinders his work.

The patient, who runs his own construction company, says: ‘The bump has gotten bigger and bigger and bigger, and when I’m working I can always feel pain.

‘Anytime of movement that requires me to look left or right, definitely I can feel pain.’

He feels like a hunchback (Picture: TLC)

The preview comes after one patient revealed she had growths on either side of her breasts, .

‘Two bilateral accessory boobs,’ Dr Lee’s patient Sara begins.

‘I didn’t always have the mass, I did have the nipples.’

Sara goes on to explain: ‘The nipples don’t act like nipples, there’s no sensation to them.

‘They don’t leak during pregnancy.

‘There is darker pigmentation, so the nipple actually shows a little more.

‘As I got older, the mass started getting a little bigger and a little bigger and I started to realise that these were breasts.

‘They’re very pliable, you can move them, I can tuck them in.’

Dr Pimple Popper airs on TLC in America.