Married at First Sight expert Paul C Brunson needs extra therapy during filming: ‘This is the most challenging show I’ve done’ 
Posted by  badge Boss on Aug 29
‘This show is probably the most challenging out of all the shows I’ve ever done’ (Picture: E4)

Married At First Sight dating coach Paul C. Brunson has revealed that even he needs extra support while filming the UK version of the explosive reality series. 

Tonight, we finally meet the latest , with two couples walking down the aisle and saying ‘I do’ to a total stranger.

While Paul is always there for the contestants, a rock in their time of need, he’s now explained the process is tough for the experts too as he’s joined by psychiatrist and sex therapist . 

Paul, who is also a coach on , told us: ’I’ve been doing TV for 12 years and I would say that this show is probably the most challenging out of all the shows I’ve ever done.

‘In the last decade I see a therapist once every week but when the show is running, I see my therapist twice.’

And it’s not hard to see why – the stakes are so much higher in Married At First Sight than any other dating show. 

Paul is joined by Charlene (L) and Mel (R) on MAFS UK (Picture: E4)

‘There’s so many elements to this particular project versus other projects that I’ve been on but I think ultimately you’re talking about two people who’ve decided to marry each other,’ he continued. 

‘That’s the highest commitment that you can make in life, in my opinion, that’s the biggest decision that you can make in life that dictates everything else – happiness, how long you live, etc.

‘So we’re dealing with this hypersensitivity around this very, very important question. 

‘And then at the same time, you have this other elements of people who they’re competing with at the same time.’

This year’s MAFS couples are gonna be a ride (Picture; E4)

Paul admitted there’s an extra challenge sharing the responsibility with two other experts with two completely different perspectives. 

‘I think the magic of the three of us is that we’re, we’re completely different,’ he said. We’re completely different backgrounds, we have different perspectives so then you add that to the mix, and it adds up to an immense challenge. 

‘But for a professional, that’s what you want because you don’t want to rest on your laurels, you want to be in a zone of challenge.’

Married At First Sight is returning with its longest ever series tonight, and with some new obstacles for the contestants including the introduction of ‘intruder couples’ at a later date. 

Keep your eyes peeled! 

Married At First Sight returns tonight at 9pm on E4.