Married At First Sight UK: Which couples have left the E4 show so far?
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The path to true love isn’t always smooth (Picture: Matt Monfredi / Channel 4)

is coming to an end as the couples prepare for their final vows.

The hit Channel 4 show sees a paired up for a blind first date but there’s a twist – this meeting sees them get married.

This year’s newlyweds are now settling into married life, but it hasn’t all been plain sailing on the path to love with plenty of , , and along the way.

The show has already seen some couples leave the experiment and each other before it has come to a close.

Here is who we’ve said goodbye to so far.

Jess Potter and Pjay Finch

Pjay and Jess were the first couple to leave the show (Picture: E4)

After admitting she didn’t have any physical attraction for her new husband, Jess Potter and Pjay Finch left the show.

It seemed like a match made in heaven when dental hygienist Jess, 31, was put together with Pjay Finch, 31, as they both shared a love for Harry Potter – with Jess sporting  for the franchise.

However, when Jess found out her new husband was a stripper with Dreamboys, she was not best pleased, threatening to and to walk off the show.

She decided to board the plane, and on the last night of their honeymoon, things took an emotional turn as Jess opened up to her husband about catching her last .

Pjay said he would  to work on his marriage, but it wasn’t enough to save the fledgling couple.

Lara Eyre and Richie Dews

Richie and Lara on MAFS UK (Picture: E4)

Another couple that have left the show early are Lara Eyre and Richie.

Richie, a 51-year-old sales advisor from Sheffield, for Lara, 49, a waitress from Nottingham, after revealing he had never been in love.

However, Lara wasn’t the only party left with doubts after Richie revealed he felt shocked by the revelation that Lara has two sons.

The two bonded over a game of football Richie organised, even falling to the floor kissing each other as the match came to an end.

It wasn’t enough to make sparks fly for Lara though, who said during the commitment ceremony that Richie just wasn’t the guy for her.

The revelation left Richie ‘gutted’ as he thought Lara could have been ‘the one’.

Gemma Rose

Gemma left the show after Matt struck up a relationship with fellow contestant Whitney (Picture: E4)

Gemma Rose left the show after her husband Matt had an affair with Whitney, who is married to Duka Cav.

In an explosive showdown between the pair, from Matt after .

‘It’s not okay. We’re married. We’re not supposed to be f**king wife-swapping. It’s not okay. It’s not alright,’ she told the rest of the group during dinner after Matt stormed out.

Following the fiery argument, Matt and Whitney .

During the next commitment ceremony, along with Matt, though he has since as a new couple.

Gemma confessed: ‘For my dignity and for women that have been treated that way I’m definitely saying leave.’

Duka Cav

Duka and Whitney’s relationship has been one of the most tumultuous on the show (Picture: E4)

Alongside Gemma, Duka also chose to leave the reality show in the fallout of .

Whitney and Duka got off to a rocky start when she slammed his appearance on their wedding day and during their honeymoon.

Since leaving the show, Duka has revealed he prior to the explosive episode fans saw.

Answering questions on Instagram, Duka shared: ‘Obviously because of how everything was transpiring, I was going to bow out the process that week anyway, regardless of stay or leave, I was going to leave.’

He added that Kwame Badu, who fans may remember as the one who catalysed the truth coming out at the dinner table, as he flagged the irony of Matt consoling Duka when he was ‘stealing’ his wife, had told Whitney to tell Duka ‘the night before.’

Kasia London and Kwame Badu

Kwame was left shocked by Kasia’s decision (Picture: E4)

Kasia London and Kwame Badu’s relationship got off to a rocky start after fans slammed Kwame for  when he shared his uncertainty about the marriage.

He then went on to struggle to bond with his in-laws, and further spoke about his incompatibility with his bride.

Meanwhile, Kasia in ahas shared her frustration over a lack of intimacy and was dismayed to be taken to arather than to meet Kwame’s family.

Kasia went on to and leave the show, speaking about Kwame’s reluctance to let her meet his loved ones.

‘It’s a big deal. I’ve revealed myself. I’ve taken Kwame back home,’ she said when grilled by the experts.

‘As time goes on you want more to be revealed. He is close to his immediate family and he didn’t bring to the table what I brought to the table. You get a feel of someone when you’re in their space.’

She continued: ‘I spoke about being a young mum and getting pregnant at a young age.

‘And at every corner of my story. Kwame intervened and made a joke or whatever. He doesn’t know how much it really affected me. When that happened I checked out. I’m the real deal b***h.’

Kwame said he felt ‘blindsided’ by her decision and that he was willing to fight for their marriage.

Thomas Hartley and Adrian Sanderson

Their relationship provided some of the show’s most explosive moments (Picture: E4)

Thomas Hartley and Adrian Sanderson’s relationship got off to a rocky start with Thomas admitting his beau wasn’t his type.

Things got no better with explosive rows during their honeymoon and when they returned home, though the couple vowed to work through their problems.

However, during the final dinner party of the experiment, , which is when Thomas told him that he thought it would be best for them to call time on their marriage.

‘You mean the world to me. But just because we love each other doesn’t mean we’re supposed to be together,’ Thomas said, as Adrian burst into tears.

When they returned to the dinner party, Thomas stood up with Adrian and announced their decision to the group, with Whitney and Matt – who got together after ending their respective marriages – being leading to yet another explosive row.

The Married At First Sight UK finale airs tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

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