MasterChef’s Gregg Wallace reveals secret to his 5-stone weight loss without dieting
Posted by  badge Boss on Jan 03
Gregg Wallace has impressed fans with his health transformation (Picture:Rex/@greggawallace/Instagram)

star has revealed how he lost five stone in weight without dieting.

The TV personality went on a health kick after he was at risk of having a heart attack.

Being surrounded by food on the show didn’t help Gregg’s lifestyle, and it was found his cholesterol was ‘sky-high’ while his weight at nearly 17 stone in comparison to his 5ft 8 height.

Gregg, 59, has , and he’s done so without going on either crash diets or weight-loss drugs used by many celebrities in recent months.

And now the star has revealed how he’s done it.

How did Gregg Wallace lose five stone without dieting?

The TV personality was 17 stone when he was warned by doctors he was at risk of a heart attack (Picture: Shutterstock)

Instead of crash diets or keto, Gregg Wallace still eats as much as he likes, just at certain times.

He doesn’t snack in between meals, and he can still eat whatever he likes – though stays away from crisps and biscuits, and takeaways are a rare treat.

But instead of sticking things in the oven and opting for ultra-processed food, he cooks from scratch with wife Anna, and claims he has lost all that weight without ever having to feel hungry.

He said ‘There’d be fry-ups with friends, fish and chips for lunch and a curry or Chinese takeaway at night on days when I wasn’t filming [MasterChef],’ he told the Daily Mail.

He tried ‘eating less…not having lunch…not eating carbs… I was just always hungry and frustrated.’

The MasterChef star was eating while filming, snacking constantly and digging into takeaways (Picture: BBC /Shine TV)

But he and his wife Anna, who is of Italian heritage, began cooking lean fish and meat at home, and he realised ‘I could eat massive portions that were much lower in calories than my usual meals.’

‘I wasn’t left hungry and the weight just dropped off.’

How to find Gregg Wallace’s regime for weight loss

Gregg Wallace has set up a website where anyone wanting to kickstart their healthier lifestyle can get to grips with his regime.

People can sign up to lifestyle website GreggWallace.Health to view advice about weekly meal plans and recipes on how to cook at home, including step-by-step and filmed instructions.