Matthew Davidge Arrested: Why did Coronation Street star Matthew Davidge jailed for 15 months? Charges Explained
Posted by  badge Boss on Apr 14

Matthew Davidge Arrested: Why was Matthew Davidge, a former Coronation Street actor, sentenced to 15 months in prison? The Charges Have Been Explained: According to the latest reports, Matthew Davidge, a former Bolton FM DJ and Coronation Street extra, has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for fraud. At the time of his appearance at Mold Crown Court in North Wales, the 47-year-old radio personality guilty to 11 counts of fraud and possessing goods related to fraud. “To explain to you as a conman would be an accurate term,” Judge Niclas Parry told the former star during the hearing. He was already serving a suspended sentence for another act of fraud done while he was stationed in Blackpool at the time.

Matthew Davidge

Matthew Davidge Arrested

The court heard that the Disk Jockey was dating a lady in North Wale and began asking for loans in both her and her former partner’s names. According to a police investigation, he applied for eight loans totaling £8,000 in total. His application for a credit card under a false name was approved, and he spent roughly £500 on it.

Coronation Street star Matthew Davidge Arrested

Prosecutor Frances Willmott described how Sharon Farmington, the woman he was dating, discovered a USB drive in her computer. It contained information and altered the computer’s password. Davidge was asked to leave her home after an argument. He checked into the hotel under a false name and racked up a bill. He’s also served deception sentences in 2007 and 2010, as well as a suspended sentence for benefit fraud from Blackpool magistrates.

Matthew Davidge was imprisoned for what reason?

According to the prosecutor, proof showed that he applied for £8,000 in loans. His guilty plea was his best defense. His transgressions dated back to 2012. “He regrets the misdeeds,” Maria Massellis, the defense attorney, said, adding that he had not committed any fraudulent offences since 2012 and was now in a solid relationship with a new partner.

“My client has every intention of staying away from any additional illegal behavior,” Massellis stated. Davidge, who had been sentenced to 15 months, was handed an extra month when he acknowledged to fleeing court on a previous occasion. It comes after it was revealed that he was sacked from Coronation Street as an extra for taking a self-portrait with Andi Peters on set. He told the news organization that during filming on Friday, he “nipped to the loo” and decided to ask Andi to pose for a socially disconnected shot.