n**ed.n**ed Attraction star, 70, branded ‘most savage’ contestant ever after absolutely brutal move
Posted by  badge Boss on Mar 14
Is 70-year-old Sandra the most brutal contestant ever to appear on n**ed.n**ed Attraction? (Picture: Channel 4)

A 70-year-old woman has been labeled the ‘most savage’ contestant to ever appear on after an absolutely brutal move to the man she chose to go on a date with.

Sandra from Cornwall appeared on Wednesday’s episode of the show , to find what she hoped might be her fourth husband, having previously been married three times including to a man 30 years her junior.

As is the name of the game, she choose between a series of men, before being left with two men: Paul and John, who were both equally impressed by her own figure.

Self-confessed hippie Sandra, who was at the very first , struggled to choose between the two men, but eventually went with John.

However when the pair went on a fully-clothed date the attraction disappeared, as she complained John was ‘too forward’ for asking to hold her hand, and didn’t appear to listen to her when she was talking.

She declined to kiss him at the end of the date and the pair went their separate ways, but it was when they met again in front of the cameras that viewers were shocked at what they saw.

Sandra chose to go on a date with John after whittling her choice down from six hopefuls (Picture: Channel 4)
She found it hard to choose between John and Paul (Picture: Channel 4)

Having sat as far away from John on the sofa as possible, Sandra told him ‘I did contact the man in the blue pod (Paul), and I brought him here today.’

Paul then walked on screen and sat between the two, cuddling up to Sandra and declaring they had ‘more in common,’ and revealing they went on a date of their own which was ‘very successful’.

Sandra said, in front of John: ‘He listens more, and he’s certainly not forward.’

She then added: ‘Although we did have sex.’

Sandra was left unimpressed with John after their fully-clothed date… (Picture: Channel 4)
And revealed she had got in touch with Paul and ‘we had sex’ (Picture: Channel 4)

The jilted John was asked what he made of the situation, to which he insisted it was ‘brilliant’.

‘It remains to be seen if the best man has won,’ he added.

While John was a major optimist, viewers watching from home were far less forgiving, and they flocked to X to share their horror.

User JR wrote: ‘She invited another contestant?? Sandra is the most savage person I’ve seen on this show!’

Zeus said ‘well that’s a kick in the nuts,’ and Ant branded her ‘Sandra the player.’

User Traylor used Sandra’s own words back at her, writing: ‘“John’s a bit forward for me” He only asked to hold your hand love. He’s literally seen your vag!’

n**ed.n**ed Attraction is available to watch on Channel 4.